LOADS of old games

I was looking through my folders of code yesterday, and I decided to collect all my Metroid-related games. So, in a 1.37 MB ZIP, here are 12 meh-quality Metroid games (one of which is a collection of 7 mini-games) and one fair-quality game (Rocket Soldier: Samus) that I still show off and play once in a while. Enjoy!

Oh, uh, if you have any questions, I guess you can ask 'em. Comments are okay, too, but I don’t plan on updating any of these games, although I may remake them entirely some day.

Small descriptions of each game is available at the link below.


I liked your games. Even if they ran slowly, the one with Minigames is really fun.
I?d love to see that one redone with your current progaming knowlegde.

Rocket Soldier was cool too, but I couldn?t enjoy it so much because I suck. :neutral_face:

That’s why I made cheats. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought there was even a cheat file in the Rocket Soldier: Samus ZIP… Yeah, the cheats are in the Instructions.txt, along with the controls (and I’m sure not many people noticed that file or the Flash Bomb attack, which the story kinda doesn’t explain).