Logic Pro/Mac help needed

So here’s the thing i’ve finished composing a song to sent to cirque du soleil it about 18 minuets long. However the system keeps overloading and this message appears:

Logic Pro:
System Overload.
The audio engine was not able to process all required data in time.

Any thoughts on how i could fix this problem as i need to resolve it fast. I use a standard iMac.


It shows when the system cannot keep up with what’s going on in Logic Studio. I have a Mac Pro, and I encounter this problem quite often. With an iMac, you’re going to have this problem even more than I do.

One solution is to freeze all the MIDI tracks. This turns the tracks specified into a long audio file. The bad news, is you cannot edit any of the notes, velocities, etc, until you unfreeze that track. It also takes up a lot of memory (freezing a 15 track project can take up to 1GB in memory.) The only things you can edit is the pan and volume. The good news, is it’s easy to freeze and unfreeze a track.

To freeze (or unfreeze) a track, right click on a track, click “Configure Track Header”, and check “Freeze”. A new button should appear beside Mute and Solo besides every track (it looks like a asterisk… aka “*”.) Simply click “Freeze” for whatever tracks you want to freeze. Just a warning, it will take quite sometime to freeze a track. It has to “export” the entire track. I think you can freeze multiple tracks at the same time. As soon as you freeze the desired tracks, simply press “Play”, and it should start to Freeze the tracks. Unfreezing takes very little time: Just press the “Freeze” button again.

Hope this helps.

Thanks i am doing that now. Hopefully it should work.
So is there any way you can upgrade the audio engine.


There’s your problem. :stuck_out_tongue: