First, I can’t believe there hasn’t been a topic about this yet.

Second, HOLY SHIT. That may have been the most epic thing I have ever seen in my life. But I can’t believe it’s over.

“People who watch Lost will spend an eternity in the 7th circle of hell”

you forgot to end your quote.

You forgot to capitalize.

You forgot Poland.

Happy now Pom?



You forgot to capitalize again.

The Ad on the bottom of the screen is in French, I fucking loled

Oh yeah? Well, your sentence structure is severely lacking!

Ah, but you see, that was not written by me.
The quotation marks tell all.

That was actually written by Bun after he got on my Facebook account.

Still makes me right.
(And we’re excluding irony here. That was irony. So I’d be right even if I typed it. Put that in yo’ sippy cup and SUCK ON IT!)

Yeah, place that in your oral cavity create a region of low pressure around it through inhalation. Bitch.

You started a sentence with “And”.
Furthermore “yo’” isn’t proper.

Also this for the win.

Define proper. With an apostrophe, yo’ is a shortener, used to imply slang or quickness.
And you can very well start a sentence with “and”. Unless you’re using olde english grammar books, modern literature and its permutations have much different laws than you might find if you read the dictionary and studied a thesaurus all day to learn english.
Now for some spelling practice:
What does that say?


DAMN! He’s found us out!
Quick! Abort, Abort!
All crew to primary battle stations!
And get the president on the phone!
aside, to self while chomping on a cigar
God help us all.

I love grammar-nazi fights!

Aside should be capitalized, I believe.

Well, yo’ is slang, which isn’t proper English.

Also that says SUCKONITBITCH.
No spaces, which means you have failed.