Macbook Wheel

I’m gonna get one, how about you?

I lol’d.


That was great.

I lol’d too.

That shit is hawt.
I can’t wait to play some counter-strike on it. OR LEFT 4 DEAD!

Dude, it’s a mac. Games don’t work on them.

And very little other things do as well…

And there is almost no free software… :frowning:

Mine just came today, I have to say I’m loving it, I never realised how much the keyboard made my hands hurt!

Have you heard, like, nothing about Macs recently…?
I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that all that was for the sake of the joke, because there’s no way you still believe that <_< >_>

(especially the thing about free software, I’ve been able to find free everything for my older mac, including audio editing software. For some reason, people who develop software for macs are more generous or something, I’ve gotten some nice software for free that would’ve set me back $50-80 on a PC for an equivalent.)

Edit: DAMMIT PY =[ How did you get one of the early copies!?!

Once again apple proves that they are terrified of gaming, I can’t wait for M$ to start bashing this and then three months later make one just like this >_, I think I’ll stick with my keyboard thanks.

It’s obviously too revolutionary for you to comprehend.
The spinning action this will bring to games will amaze the world.

All seriousness, though, when will apple start making tablets? They’ve got multi-touch on their IPod touch, and if they incorporated that into a laptop… anyone else know of any other companies that have a multi-touch laptop yet?

And I could dig a mouse with a click wheel on the side where the thumb sits, programmable scroll wheel… volume, scrolling, horizontal scroll, whatever. At least forward, back, and center buttons incorporated into the wheel. I’d find it very useful =D

I’ve seen concept art of a laptop that’s just a screen, 100% touch-y, and I think that’d be pretty cool.

Also, seeing as most FPS’ don’t require you to look up or down much, I think one could pull this off.

My friend has a laptop with a touch screen, and he tried to play Crysis Warhead with it…He them found that he couldn’t shoot while using his finger to aim, and because of fuckery I had to let him use my 360 controller. It was actually pretty funny to watch a hardcore PC gamer struggle away with a controller.

aye, touch screens are not for FPS. To aim forward, you have to keep the pen DIRECTLY on the center pixel, moving it any direction will make you turn rather fast in that direction. It’s because you’re trying to apply a touch screen to a mouse-based game, you’d have to patch the game to use the screen correctly (and most games do not have such a patch, if I remember correctly <_<)

but when there is a patch (or the game is designed for is, like MPH) it does actually feel rewarding, however touch screen FPSes are best left to the DS as it has a shoulder button to shoot with. Anyone ere played the DS version of CoD4? its actually quite fun.

Yeah, I agree. A laptop is usually difficult, and it would be hard to make the touch screen work well without some awkward angles. Either your hand is awkward (playing with the tablet open, so you have the keyboard), or your neck is (playing with the tablet closed with an external keyboard and you’re looking straight down. NOT COMFORTABLE for long periods. Also disorienting… if you stair straight down at a screen for a while, and that screen is moving forward, backwards, left and right… then you look up… you get a bit dizzy.)
The only thing I can think of that’s practical is having a raised, angled surface (like a drawing board) and a “control unit” peripheral, and binding shoot to one of the thumb buttons on the control unit)
…being that it requires a big piece of furniture to even work right, this defeats the purpose of a laptop…

Normally, I’d laugh and think you’re a good actor, but being as it’s you, I have to check.
Are you joking?

hey I hate M$ as much as anyone,I just think that they have the best console this gen

No, I mean did you realize that the video is from The Onion?


Did you think the product actually existed?