Mad World

This is a discussion about the newest Wii Gore-fest, Mad world.
In case you haven’t heard bout it, You are Jack, and your purpose is annihilation. He has a Chainsaw arm, and most environmental objects can be used to kill.
Mature Pic 1
Mature Pic 2
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End Mature Content.

First discussion topic: Graphic style.
Black, White, and Red. Comic book style.

I personally think it is awesome. what are your opinions?

I’d question mature. Since when was LOLBLOOD mature?

Game looks good. Style is nice.

Just making sure some kid doesn’t come in (guests and such), and run round screaming.

But no, I don’t consider it that bad…especially since It’s a cartoony style.

Mature Video 1

Yum. That’s really a quite nice graphical style, though I hope they focus less on mindless killing, and more on making use of the possible character of the game.

all around me are familiar faces
worn out places, worn out faces
bright and early for the daily races
going no where, going no where
EDIT: PY, it looks like it’s gonna be pretty focused on mindless killing if you ask me.

Uh yeah…
When there are mini-games that involve throwing people as darts at a target board…I think that they’re focusing on mindless killing.

This pic is a lil bit bloodier. I like blood.
Mature Pic 5


I think this one looks solid, I hope that the game actually works, unlike all those gimmicky shit piles that the third party has bored us with thus far.

So I just played No More Heroes a lot, and it was awesome (only semi-related, I know).


i’d like to see how they pull off rendering with just black, white, and red.

it would take a feat.


Wow. That’s one hell of an awesome art style.

Now let’s see a decent game to go with it, and I’m sold. Until then, just looks like another attempt to say “HAY LOOK THE WII CAN HAVE BLOOD TOO”.

Nearly all of which have failed.

Looks like a shitty version of GoW to me.

Wii can’t have blood because, quite frankly, games of that caliber need powerful systems run them without making them look very childish and stupid.

Nearly all of which have failed? >_>
Only one I can think of that failed is Red Steel.

I’ve only heard good stuff about No More Heroes…
Lets be hoping.

the E3 trailer made it look even more like a mindless killing game. it has awesome visuals though.