Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works


That guys computer looks strangely familiar. :stuck_out_tongue:


So I was bored.


Now introducing Rocky the Creeper-




Two more for the lulz-


i require more of these comics xD


And I will be doing just that. And once my internet empire is built, I’ll release them upon the world and convert the entire population into followers of the Phlakes! (and Rocky).


Do you have a website for said awesome comics?


Nope, because the number of people who would read it amounts to an integer greater than -1 and less than 5. Actually, include -1 in there, just in case.


im the -1, because i count as 5 - 6 people


WIP background here, just finished the paint-over, now I get to meticulously go through the entire thing to add detail.

Also, can anyone help me out with the sky gradient? I can’t get that dithering right.



i’d help with the dither if i didnt hate doing dithering lol

(also is it just me or do pixelation mods have major sticks… ok forests up their asses?)


Update, mostly on that one big mountain. I don’t like to brag about my art, but I jizzed multiple times.


Another update with more detail. Ruggedness + 20.


I’ve lost interest in the picture itself after staring at it for hours. But I think it looks good. Can’t tell anymore.

I just have to get the sky to work somehow and do the thick clouds. Those are going to be a bitch.


It looks like the other front two mountains need more highlights. Right now they look out of place when compared to the really bright mountain on the right. And yes, the clouds do need some work.


I’m really, really putting off those clouds.


Alright, something completely unrelated.

Our little film making group (which we really need to make a production company, but whatever) is making a web series. A musical noir buddy cop web series. But ~16.67% of that is presenting us with a bit of a challenge, because none of the involved crew so far can compose music. So I figured I’d ask you guys if one of you happens to be really good at composing several different genres of music, and could put out two or three 1-2 minute long songs every two weeks.

Just figured I’d ask.


This sounds like a chance to improve on my music.


Been getting used to my new mouse. It has these rubber parts at the bottom that give some flow-breaking friction, but it’s pretty good.