Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works


Your skills have improved Fox!

…but you’re still off-key quite often.


Yeah, the entire second part of the first verse was all a bit too high. Still better, though, ten months with no training and I’m already here from completely-off-key-with-terrible-annunciation-and-no-range-whatsoever.

And I decided I’ll redo Gusty Garden every year as a benchmark, so that’ll be coming up in June.


Singing definitely improved.
It sounds like you know exactly which pitch you’re aiming for now (woohoo!), because you settle into it (mostly :stuck_out_tongue: ) after reaching each note, so the next step is to practice hitting each pitch right where you want it without having to settle. If that makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t sing so don’t listen to me.


So I plan on going into video production as a career, hopefully in a more video game inclined direction, and realized that I have a severe lack of experience when it comes to game footage. And I was in the mood for some Just Cause 2 after talking with someone about game where you can crash cars, so this happened.

All recorded and edited in just an hour and a half. Sorry if that shows.


FP mod?

I love me some JC2 though.


Every single time I played the game I though “this was meant to be first person”. Then I got in on PC and it turned out that mod exists, so good times were had.


What the fuck? 5 colors? How the hell?

Holy shit.

Are you a god?

Well, I suppose it’s only 1 base color, but still. Well done, sir.


Well, this forum sure has been lively these days.

So sprahts. I have a few of those. Keeping my pixel art gears and pistons greased. In a completely sexual way.

This is that old pistol from a long ass time ago (check page 5 I think), redesigned to not suck and with some simple coloring.

Redesigns of Shadows things. I posted that door tunnel already but I think this one’s updated.

Everything here was made from scratch except for Samus, which is SA-X edited, since I tried making a custom Samus but bother that nonsense. This is probably where my personal style is the most clear. I couldn’t say what exactly it is, but you can see it.

Pretty much just showing off the sexy tiles. I’ve gone back to balance the colors since making this, so no worries there. Also you might recognize that background from ZM. It’s a popular one.


Lovin those tiles!


Fuckin two year bump up in here

As of January I’m now an actual published developer and making modest but still significant money for charity, while remaining broke as shit. The game was also in the MAGFest indie showcase which was pretty cool-

All the enemies from the game.

In my efforts to do narrative things in addition to simple action games I realized that comics are by far the most cost efficient medium, but I’ve always been absolute shit at drawing people so I’ve been trying to fix that

That’s for one thing that’s really big and ambitious and probably a couple years away, but there’s another I’m trying to finish preparing for over the summer and might be working on with roommates in the fall.

Not even gonna try to explain this one.

The sword from Blood Alloy, which I did to test my new tablet (when it was still new, some time last year).

More Blood Alloy shit.


What an update. :O_O:

Please continue to stay in touch here! Even if there are only a few of us who visit…

Are you still working with “New Blood”? I’m having trouble finding them with a Google search.

I had quite some fun beating Super Galaxy Squadron. The first time through I didn’t realize that you lose an upgrade each time you get hit, so after a lot of struggling I found myself in the later levels starting with basically like 0/7, 1/5, etc. for upgrades, and going into super hardcore focus don’t-get-hit mode with grand celebrations every time I advanced a stage. Then I noticed the error in my ways, started a new game, and playing it was much more comfortable hahaha. I see now that there are newer versions than the day-0 non-Steam EXE release so I should probably re-download and try out more of the ships. Anyway it’s an awesome game. :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


This stuff is really awesome. Glad to hear you’re actually a published developer now! Are you doing this stuff in your free time and still going to school or are you moving towards making it full-time work?

Just a small quip with the art you posted: The woman’s right (our left) breast seems non-existent compared to her left breast. Also her mouth looks strange to me. Overall, very good if you’re not used to doing character/human art.

I wish I could find the motivation to still do stuff like this.


Wow! THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME. [HardcoreFistbump]


I’ve actually done a surprising amount of shit over the last few months so it’s about time to dump it

A public beta for Super Galaxy Squadron EX launched a couple days ago, and if you own the original game you can unlock it by doing this

It’s looking pretty okay now that I’ve just pulled out the stops.

One of my favorite new additions is character portraits in the select screen-

So I’ve been using the pilots to try to keep my illustration muscles in shape, not embedding them because they’re massive though.

And a few other things from a game I almost helped out with for friends of a friend but they weren’t actually serious so I dropped out.

As much as I’ve animated I’ve never done a full scene so I want to finish this in the near future-

Speaking of animation-

I mentioned that I’ve been exploring comics as a way to satisfy the narrative driven part of my brain, and I’ve started to work on a small one shot thing to get acquainted. Those 5 pages are just the intro (and I think they’re also older versions), everything else is still pretty WIP but it feels good to have parts of an actual product.