Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works


Is it really necessary to have a lazer sight, a reflex sight and a grenade launcher on the first one (I think its an AUG PARA but I can’t really tell)





Coming from someone who knows very little about sights and crap… it seems like the two types of sights could be useful in different situations?
Also, the 'nade launcher doesn’t stack for more ridiculous on top of the sights, the sights don’t make that less useful.

And yes, that’s kinda what I thought it looked like as well, so I say we assume that’s what it is.

Tim, your sprats are missing the H in sprahts, which obviously turns THESE sprahts epic.

And pixelated.


Laser sight= actually flashlight.

And it isn’t based off of any gun. I drew it during math because of boredom.




SOmeobody likes weapons. I love it dude. Looks awesome.


color and shade those guns. they’ll look sweet


We need a Liks call.



Phlakes, you might like this:


My computer is dead. It died just after the warranty expired just like all the other HP Tablet PC’s in the tx1000 and tx2000 series. I’ve read about hundreds of people that bought their computers last year and they have all died now.

HP must fix it. My computer cost me ?1200 and it should live longer than one fucking year.

I think I will buy a 27" Core i7 iMac instead of a new shitty PC so I can put some color on those guns.


Another one, plus all others:


Those are all really good. If I knew how to color, I totally would.


Me too. Obviously.


well figure out how to do it.


Another one, but I made it too small-



Zurg, you should remember this. I just fixed it up.

This is supposed to be clean and simple, and have a lot of attachments.

I think Pom said the proportions on this were weird, so I think I fixed it.

Reticles I made/edited for mah bro for his epic Halo CE campaign mod which is still under development. And if anyone can model/animate for Halo CE, we need the help.

I did this a looooooooooooooong time ago because I wanted to make a game out of it.

This was for that one challenge thing Liks posted. I still haven’t finished it.

These are for something.

This is for the same thing. It also has politcal versions and a blank template, but this one is the coolest.

This needs no explanation.


That doesn’t look too dissimilar to the world in Tales of the Abyss >_>


I’ve never played that.

Looks for map of that world

I think you’re right…