Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works


This is sexy.

That is all.


A bullpup pistol? That’s different.


OMG Phlakes, those are SO COOL!!! And Liks, VERY nice colorings. I really like em.


Improved it a lot.


Completely new one, still WIP.


The two revolver clips are docking. That is all.


Or one ‘clip’ with rifle caliber bullets, because there’s nothing like breaking your arm to kill the enemy.


It was designed for Chuck Norris, so that’s not a problem.


Another new one. It’s supposed to be an older model of the really sexy one. Open to edits.


Looks nice. Clip is a bit bare, but that’s besides the point. I give it a bronze cup. Full of brunswic stew. A little more effort, and you could have had a gold trophy, full of steak-ums!


Yeah, it’s still pretty WIP.

But you should see the oldest version-

Now THAT’S bare.


There is truth in that statement.


Very improved now.

And a light version just for fun-


Holy high-contrast grip, Batman!


This made me chuckle.

Looks good, Phlakes. Maybe it’s just me, but some of those guns look very uncomfortable to hold.


Not if you’re…


Problem though. None of us are.


Swan is right. I happen to have training in firearms, and it really looks imbalanced. As for the rifle, the mag is in a really awkward position. Reloading it would waste time and leave you vulnerable.




So I’ve been looking around here, and I’ve been in a spriting mood after working on Maniac Puzzle, so I decide to make-

Super Metroid for the Game Boy-

Obviously it’s still very WIP, especially the background. And if you look at the ship you can see my pathetic attempt at dithering.

The Samus sprite is a custom 32 pixel tall one I’ve had laying around for a while. I made a 16x16, but that was too small to see anything, which made me want to make this one. The ship is Metroid 2’s but heavily edited. I would’ve made a custom ship, but it’s Christmas and I want to relax.