Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works


I like it. Can’t see what the others are bitching about.


I’m out of ideas. :frowning:


add a flamethrower attachment

or a dart launcher attachment


barrel mod

drum mag

wood version


grenades are way more practical than flamethrowers or dart launchers

a more lightweight red dot sight would work better

the balance looks fine as is

and drum mags are impractical on bullpup weapons


im not trying to suggest practical things, im trying to suggest badass things!


Yes, yes they are.

And the L86 LSW is a real gun. Drum Bullpup. Owned? :stuck_out_tongue: Joking.


keeping in mind that that’s a light machine gun and has a longer stock than an assault rifle or an smg.





That has to be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. That needs to be in Outrider. What is that? A Flamethrowing, Grenade launching, chainsawing, silenced SMG? Does it way about 50 pounds?


So I decided to stop putting this off and do some more work. So far, there’s only half of the back mountains done because I wanted to make sure it looked right.


Now that I’ve had more practice and accidentally developed a style, I decided to try this again.


I honestly don’t know what to make of that, I have no idea how one would hold it or what some of those superfluous looking uncovered moving parts do.


You’re not supposed to.


Rule of cool only takes you so far.




Improved it a whole lot.


Too much noise imo.


What ‘choo talkin’ 'bout Willis?

Also what the hell is up with your avatar?


Once it’s colored and the outlines are removed it will have much less noise.