well, im gettin wii at launch but… my stepdad is being a prick and says i cant have it, but sod him: its my money and not his. so he can stfu and get back to his habbit of annoying someone else other than me.

Um… okay?

If you’re getting it anyway, why is it a problem?

What’s the point of this topic?

I believe there is none. Do I sense a Dazzy “line of periods” lock?

thanks for the random statement about the wii and your money.

Hey, my mom/dad is the same, and they are BLOOD RELATED.

what i mean is that when i get it he will give me hell and try to ground me from it.
if he does that, i will go fucking mental. just because i play games 16 hours a day dosent mean i cant have it.

16 hours? O_O That’s a little high for every day. If you live with your stepdad not much you can do. 16 hours a day…

Lol. It’s a little off topic, but he’s right. The only time i’ve found myself playing that much was when i first got Super smash bros. (both games), and when i was hooked on Yugioh Falsebound kingdoms.

I don’t play that long EVERY DAY, but I do occasionally.
King metroid, I dunno how old you are, but you probably can’t move out.
Moving out=no parents!

lol. i play video games like 1-2 times a week. i play like 3 hours in total every week…:stuck_out_tongue:

I play about an hour a day.

16 hours aday, bout 2 hours on a on a game. have loads of games, what w/ my reel dad sendin me 100 dollars a week. hes in england now, and i probly see him nxt week

100$ a week!?!?! is that for child support or something? if it is, it should really be used in buying food and clothes and stuff for you, not games.

Yep. Food + Clothes = good. Games = Bad. Me = still play them anyways. Yeah, well my parents cut me some slack and are buying me a Wii based on behavior and based on how well I do in this extra summer reading class. Come on, they might as well say “I’m buying you a Wii for free” if they are gonna say “If you are good and take this class I’ll buy you a Wii”.

my dad doesnt buy/pay 4 anything. i had 130 dollars for a DS and he wouldnt even pay 4 tax >.>

Go panhandle for tax… unless you live in those areas so gangster infested that they have no Panhandling signs up.

actually, i only get one game every 2 weeks. the rest is savings/ misc.

one game a week? i usilly(spelling) get one game, say, a month??

whenever a major game comes out (castlevania ds), i get it anyways, streight away.

So in other words you’re just a spoiled brat bitching because for the first time in his life he isn’t getting his way.