Man, it's been a while. o-o

Is this place still dead?
Deader? Less dead?
I check around here every now and then, what’s been going on?
Is P2D still a possibility after all these years?

Troid’s Net Mission engine business is the ragtag group of survivors to P2D’s global apocalypse. Other than that thread and the occasional General Discussion post it’s pretty much dead for now. But if (and by “if” I mean “when”) Troid delivers, then a lot of us will be back with newly developed skills and experience and we might be able to get it running again.


I hope so.
I still look forward to playing Prime in 2D.

There is going to be such a clash of old/new/different people’s art styles in this game haha.

Ha ha! Yeah. Still wanna play it though.
Is there some missing graphics or is everything done?

im just imagining us all from that “sprite yourself” thing we did oh so long ago all apocalypse style with shotguns

awwwww yeah