You forgot the maps Dazuro… slaps daz

World Maps
Space Frigate
Tallon Overworld
Chozo Ruins
Phendrana Drifts
Magmoor Caverns
Phazon Mines
Impact Crater

Environment maps
Space Frigate
Tallon Overworld
Chozo Ruins
Magmoor Caverns
Phendrana Drifts
Phazon Mines
Impact Crater

Space Frigate
Tallon Overworld
Chozo Ruins
Magmoor Caverns
Phendrana Drifts
Phazon Mines
Impact Crater

All the maps in gray have yet to be made.

Tile maps

Indeed, I love those maps :smiley:

Specially the Phendrana one :smiley:


I still need to fix my Phazon Mines map… Maybe if I can get CAD’s program again…

Anyway, I think we should all use one program to make every map so that it looks better in the game and all of them have one style.


I’ve never gotten my hands on Metroid Prime, so I wouldn’t know, but how accurate are those maps. Sure loook spiffy though.


Well, I used my own special Excel template to make my map, and if you want it, I can easily send it to you. However, it is hard to get used to and is easy to mess up with. But it makes very nice-looking maps.


Darth Nat, which one is yours? Can you send it me too? I’d like to try it out.


Actually, DF, I created a new map for Impact Crater, one with an escape sequence. :wink:

Ill bring that over in a sec…

EDIT: Nevermind that, heres the complete map.


The Chozo Ruins map is mine. And I’ll put the template up on some webspace and PM you the link. You have to have Excel to get it to work, though, and be warned, the template was originally made for creating Timesplitters 2 maps, so it may take some getting used to.


Aaah. Looks pretty straightfoward. But then again, what do I know about your map creator? Where are the items though?


There aren’t any. Again, it was made for Timesplitters 2. If you want to add items, you’ll have to do it in Paint or Photoshop or another program.


Nat, in the complete map, all the items are added. :wink:


My map was a bit… altered in the translation there, though, which annoys me a bit. The items are placed, but I don’t like some of the liberties taken with my map. The entire right half is just… what happened to it? Someone inverted it… If fact, it looks like that entire side has been changed by someone. :imp:


Well I believe the guy who didi it, did it from scratch looking at the maps and making changes.


I believe Metroid Fan made the map, slighty altering them so that they fit together(in which he altered my Magmoor map to look way better). Also, I’m starting to work on the complete Tallon Overworld tilemap, so, Joba, I’m going to need the layout of the rooms you’ve worked on.


Yes, it was metroid fan. It doesnt look too bad though. If its the item placent bothers you, you can always change them around also…


Hey, could somebody E-mail me a map template for excel? I was asked to make some maps for a fan game, but have no clue how to make them. Thanks.



Looking very awesome.

I can’t wait to just play the demo of this.
The maps are very amazing,


Gendreavus, I’ll PM you about that.

And it isn’t the item placement that bothers me, it’s the modifications to the actual map. And the risk of sounding pious, I didn’t sit around for quite a long time trying to make that map as accurate as possible just so someone could go in and modify it without even consulting me just so the elevators would line up.


I get your point. Though it would be nice if the elevators would line up, there really is no way to keep it accurate. :confused:


Hey darth nat can I have the excel template I might as well try and how well I can use it.