The links don’t work…

Yea, they’re all broken cuz of a server move.

Could someone post working links to the maps, please?

I don’t think we’ve finalized the maps.
And even if we have, I don’t think that they’re public.

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They’re all at the bottom of this post.

There’s one map for each area, plus a combined map with all areas that makes major alterations to the other maps. I would trust the individual maps more, because from reading the posts in this topic, it seems that the alterations in the combined map are sloppy and ruinous for the sake of lining up elevators.

i wonder when the next demo will be done :confused:

When it’s done. We don’t have a time frame.
Why? Because we don’t get paid to finish on time.

:sweat: true im just wonder ing

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You’re not nice?

I hang around awful people then XD

And I’m alot nicer on here then to most people in real life.
Trust me, it sucks to be on my bad side.
There is a reason for my Tim “Evil” Hardeman nickname.

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I doubt it

Well, I suppose it’s a good thing I’m on your good side…I am, right?

Of course not.
You quit the collaboration.
I just need to find out where you live first.

i have metroid prime, the phazon mines are really complex. i think that this will taqke the longest to make. :slight_smile:

Where is that huge Phendrana room that holds Thardus? Quarantine Cave?

Holy balls I’m the first reply in seven years :confused: