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I doubt it


Well, I suppose it’s a good thing I’m on your good side…I am, right?


Of course not.
You quit the collaboration.
I just need to find out where you live first.


i have metroid prime, the phazon mines are really complex. i think that this will taqke the longest to make. :slight_smile:


Where is that huge Phendrana room that holds Thardus? Quarantine Cave?


Holy balls I’m the first reply in seven years :confused:


Yep, Quarantine Cave.

I hope the post times don’t give off the wrong impression – you’re the first reply in 7 years to this topic, but the map layouts for each area were finished a while back and that was basically all that had to be done here. People focused mainly on sprites after that.

Still it’s weird to think that 2008 was seven years ago…

If you’re interested in maps in general, though, there’s an awesome program called Tiled Map Editor (which is what P2D should be made in, if anyone wants to help make P2D someday). I’ve had fun grabbing tiles from the internet and going nuts in this program.


One day this project will actually be completed


So it seems that crankyTruffle was able to see these maps just five months ago, but I cannot. Have the links gone down since then or the problem on my side?


Are you referring to the links on the first post? Those are all links, which was a domain name associated with this project from ages ago. The project lost that domain name several years ago (err I guess it’s still redirecting to this forum, so maybe we still own the rights to that domain name), so I think you’re mistaken, although updated map links would be nice.


Done! This is just a basic restoration of the first post. Some of these were modified or shrunk when I uploaded to PhotoBucket – not sure what I can do about that, but if anyone wants to see the original version of an image just let me know in a PM or something. There have been other map designs created in the history of P2D but I don’t have the time at the moment to dig them up. These ones are the generally agreed-upon ones.

OH and a reminder that you can design all of these rooms in detail using the Tiled Map Editor, if you are interested in helping to build Tallon IV. PM me if you need particular resources like tile sets.


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This is an attempt to align all the elevators (required modification of the maps above) with an escape sequence added to the impact crater.
By metroid fan (Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:28 pm)

A new engine and proposition

Stop using photobucket and start using Imgur? Photobucket is pretty shitty these days.


Ah but the trick is that I’m lazy/busy – these have been uploaded to Photobucket for years so all I had to do was copy some URLs… Again just let me know if you want a full version of one of these.


I am interested in helping tile Tallon Overworld or at least the areas that don’t include the sunken frigate. It is my favorite area and the Tallon1 MIDI is one of my favorites.

Wasn’t there a physics demo based in this area? I can’t seem to find a working link and I’d like to use it as a guide for how to use the graphics.