Mass Effect 3

Since we don’t have a topic for this game going I figured I’d make one before we get sidetracked into a Mass Effect discussion in another topic >_>

some new info


I just started my fourth playthrough of ME1. I’ll 100% that over summer, then 100% ME2, and by then I’ll be ready for the third with a high level Paragon Shepard.

I tried to make my Sheppard look mean, but in the end he just look like a retard.
I’ll take a photo of him and show you some day.

I’m on my second playthrough so I have much left to do. I have to much games and not enough time to play them, and I haven’t bought the second game yet :frowning:.

I will unlock at least 1000G in each game before I’m done with them.

Finished my 100% ME run.

And for awesomeness, here is a high-resolution Garrus I’m using:

The first day of E3 press conferences has come and gone, and so in a shocking twist both Microsoft and EA had their conferences so we have actual footage of ME3

Demo part 1
Demo part 2
one of the like 3 trailers

Evidently it will support Kinect on the 360 version to use voice commands with conversations and issuing orders to the squad, one wonders if the PC version will allow users with mics on hand to do this as well.