MechaCharizard's Sprite thread!

I thought I should show you some of my sprites; here I made Metroid Prime.

Is it good?

e: By the way, here’s a source image I used just to see how MP looked like:

the left large left leg is way too small, and your sprite doesn’t have enough lihgting on the black.other than that it looks awesome:D!

I don’t get which leg you’re talking about. I don’t see any difference in the size.

Ya, the shading is kinda unnoticeable. To see it, you’ll really need to look close to the monitor.

But, that’s an awesome sprite! Looks cool!

looks pretty good! i would change the front legs though. they curve in too much, making it unnatural. I think you could fix that with heavy duty shading though =p

In the sprite there’s quite a bit of shading, but it just needs more contrast to stick out.

Ever heard the word “perspective”?

It’s a good sprite I guess, but it definately needs more contrast.

In the game, I don’t think Metroid Prime is dark gray. I think it’s because of the lighting in the cave. I could be, or probably am wrong though… >_>;

Yeah, but you are not supposed to use just pure black either for sprites unless it’s an outline or something, as Daz will flame you for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also because it looks bad; you can’t shade pure black.

It’s not pure black; but the outline is a tiny bit lighter than pure black. Also, on the body, there’s some gray lines near the orange stuff. I made that stand out more in my edit.

No, they’re talking about how black looks bad but they don’t know how you could imrove the shading because it’s not pure black. :stuck_out_tongue: er, I think… <_<