Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas P2D!

(Posted from my new ZuneHD)


Especially Zurg, 'cause he has a Zune HD


I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. So, what did you all get this year?

I received a… flashlight/alarm clock/thermometer/calendar all in one thing?

Uh… I also got some new clothes.


merry christmas =D

i got a new 360 cuz my old one get pwned! =D

finally ya dork.

I got Guitar Hero 5 with a new guitar, I got Terminator Salvation, I got a robe, I got snow boots, I got a little hindu ass with legs a turban and a beard that farts if you squeeze it, I got a family guy mug with Peter’s pants down and he’s squeezing his boobs together and giving me a dirty smile, I got Family Guy Season 4, I got Razors, I got deodorant, and I got shower gel. Yayzorz
I am not done receiving presents, however <3

Merry Christmas!

I got a new Wii to replace my one that got totally fucked two months ago, Harry potter 6 on blu-ray, the Beatles Rock Band, Dragon Age: Origins, Gundam 00 part 1 on DVD, lots of new cloths and Rock Band 2.

your mic needs a wind screen or something

i got… a lot of money ($140), a rubix cube game, a shirt with pi saying to root(-1), “get real!” while root(-1) says, “get rational!” to pi (it was a present from my dad… who is an electrical engineer, so he thought it would be funny lol), a sweatshirt, a rubix cube game (it is actually an electronic game that requires batteriess), a hand-carved wood ornament from my grandpa, and a dvd set of “Astroboy” which is a really old cartoon my dad used to watch (it was actually a joint present for me and dad).

Astro Boy, that was the first anime to ever be localized.