Met Engine

Holy shit. I was doing some searching around the internet, and somehow found a demo of the Met Engine. I’m not sure what happened, but it wasn’t put up by CFX and it’s nowhere near complete.

now see, this wouldnt be obvious if it was the day AFTER april fools

…but then it’s not april fools, so you can’t do it, it’s not funny

but its not funny when its obvious either xD

I especially like how my browser was all like tells me the URL when I moused over it and I knew it was fake >_>

and why are people saying that it isn’t April fools day? I mean it still is

It isn’t April Fools anymore.
It’s the day after April Fools,April

when I posted it was 20:12 in the location where I am currently staying.

I posted at Apr 2 2010, 10:34 AM,
in Quebec,Canada,

I posted from potato country, USA

well I’m in BC right now which is pacific time so there ya go.

April 1st, BC

British Columbia: the province in south western Canada >_>

no I know

also you mean "less-north western canada"
there’s no south parts in canada

I hindsight I could have just said the province in the west because Yukon is the only other far ‘western’ place in this country and its a ‘territory’ because…I don’t actually know why.

that was entirely unnecessary, and uncalled for, I wasn’t asking, I just wanted to end my post ambiguously >_>

i was saying IF it was the day after april fools it wouldnt have been obvious

IF being the keyword