MetalCoreSuit?s Sprites

ok Now i WIll show you all the sprites that ai edit,make and ripp

Uh…Okay. Good for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice re colours, perhaps you might want to make original works?

this is from avatar

this is a complete original of me

Looks a little (lot) bit pillow shaded.

Looks good though.

zurginator you can edit it and help me

crap candyman criminal made another metroid prime essence sprite

This is anoter original

This is the first original that i made

holy multi posting

dont muiltpost, theres an edit button for a reason

For reals. :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, I am not black.

ok im not going to multipost :sweat: but help me with my last sprite , is the Omega Pirate

your biggest problem is pillow shading, and relying on the outline

will you help me to stop with that and make better sprites?

its really something you have to work on yourself

rigth ok i will work harder ;im making another Omega Pirate But Its front pirate and its the real Pirate

isn’t stuff that glows supposed to be pillow shaded?

the last two were updates, adding new content, so they were fine… the second one wasn’t adding anything though.

I actually don’t see a lot of pillow shading, except on the prime essence, which is supposed to glow (and thus be pillow-y).

his sprites are actually already quite good IMO… except the prime essence–which needs a little work.

they are a bit small but that’s probably the style you wanted to do it in. i like the little round bases you added to them… it makes them look like figurines or something.

the mugshot looks like it’s been resized. look how jittery it looks on the bottom of his bangs. however, I do like how you tried to antialias it a little bit. the head of the larger demon-like thing he’s standing in front of looks like a resize as well, and is very flat as far as the shading goes. Otherwise, I really like the sprites–especially the chakra ball special attack.

the biggest problems here seem to be the shading on his claws and the way you did his mouth/teeth. I’m not sure how you can fix the teeth though.

Also, don’t get discouraged if people are critical to you. Especially on these forums (the people tend to be a little critical to new people).

its nice, but i think the size needs to be increased, omega pirates are massive!