Metallica Question xD

There is a song that is continuously getting confused with ‘All Nightmare Long’.
It starts with sirens. And the lyrics are hard to understand but I can understand the first few lines…

"Woke up this morning
jumped out of bed
when I heard the sirens
running trough my head.

Turn on the t.v.
Saw my ______
_______ destruction
was finally here.

that’s all I can really work out without it too loud (there will be complaining :unamused:)
I hope my brethren may help me in this…HICCUP

workin on it, nothin yet

…“All Nightmare long”?

The creepy music video.

he’s already given us the beginning lyrics, which don’t match up with all nightmare long

No idea. Link?

I don’t have a link. I downloaded it before and it was titled ‘All Nightmare Long’ but it’s not it.

upload it you dickwad so people can figure shit out
it’s obviously not anywhere on google so it might be a live cover of some band no one’s ever heard of or an unreleased song