Metroid 1.5

Shit just got real. Design docs for what would eventually become Echoes, complete with some crazy concept art and bizarre but potentially cool ideas, including… a giant mecha battle multiplayer mode? Um, what?

Fun stuff I noticed:

-The reason Echoes’ pirates look so different from Prime’s is that they were meant to be a hybrid with an unidentified race
-Like Sheegoths, their hearts were meant to be exposed weakpoints with breakable armor.
-The document specifies that Echoes would have no ammo system, so melee attacks would be just for fun. >_>
-A lot of concept art was misidentified as being for, say, Dark Samus when it was actually a new enemy entirely.
-Multiplayer Omega Pirate boss fight. Whoah.
-Multiple hunters with unique alt-forms.
-Optional upgrades that power you up but also power up Dark Samus.
-Took place entirely on a ship, and bragged about how they could reuse corridors. … Right.
-Also, they noted that the other hunters and coop would be fun, but were worried about it not being Metroid enough.

Fascinating stuff. I almost want to see this get made as a fangame or something, actually, but that’ll never happen.

Dammnnn! The multiplayer on that would be killer. Instead of getting an awesome experience, we got multiplayer that was chewed up by a dog, swallowed and digested, and finally reappeared out of the asshole. :angry:

I think they threw out the “not metroidy enough” when 242 wouldn’t stop talking your ear off about some anomaly on a different planet while you’re combing for powerups in corruption.

That screams something that should be revisited, either by Nintendo themselves or a fangame.

It’s different enough from Echoes, imo, to still be used as the concept for another game.