Metroid Corrupition

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I had this idea of a game where Samus goes into the computers, in Prime 3, the Aurora Units, I think, that are corrupted with a virus, and fights the virus. I Hope you like it!

Metroid Corruption

A side scroller where Samus is digitized into the Aurora Units to fight the virus head on. When she arrives, she finds all the icons are corrupted, and that they turn into digital versions of her previous foes. The start point is obviously the start button, log book entries are in word format, and once the *beam that freezes is acquired, the player can freeze the internet explorer icon before it can run of screen and scan it and can then access online multi-player from the start menu.

As Samus progresses further into the computers, she finds more corruption and more difficult foes, eventually meeting metroids. They are feeding on the anti-virus programs, which look like GF solders. The metriods are mutated from internal data corruption and attack samus at first sight. Samus must run because she doesn?t have the *beam that freezes. She is cornered, and then the anti-viruses help her fend off the metroids and give her the *beam that freezes.

Download stations allow Samus to upgrade her beams and other things, but some stations are corrupted with the virus and are able to be downloaded into Samus? suit, and she must find an anti-virus station to rid herself of the virus.

One boss is a Phazon Elite, corrupted even further by the virus. The battle is much like the battle in Metroid Prime, the Elite also falls on Samus, like in Prime, her suit is corrupted, like in Prime, and she gets a new suit, like in Prime. She receives the **Corruption Suit, and it grants her immunity to some virus download stations.

Once the virus has been removed from half of the computer (If you would prefer a different number, we can change it), the anti-viruses give her the **Anti-Virus Suit, and this suit gives her immunity to all virus download stations. By downloading the virus from the station, she can remove the virus, allowing her to access the station?s upgrade.

Scattered through out the Aurora Units are data fragments of Chozo and Space Pirate research, discoveries, and sightings for the Chozo. Gathering all of them opens the hard drive for the last boss. One data fragment contains the coordinates of a planet with high levels of an energy source similar to one coming from Samus? suit, but before the coordinates are obtained, a virus corrupts the file.
The file reads as follows:

Research Entry (number to be determined)

High levels of an unknown energy have been reported to be emitting from the planet ?Pravon VI? in the ?Pravonian Cluster.? Thought to be a dead system, it was ideal for Observation Training. Officer Mathew P. Hunter (If you take his initials, you?ll find an Easter Egg), Pin # (number to be determined), Trainee, received incorrect coordinates for Energy Emission Detection, E.E.D., training. Upon detecting unusually high levels of an unknown energy, he reported immediately to his commanding officer. The science team has discovered that this energy is strikingly similar to energy emitted from Officer Samus Aran?s Chozo-built ?Vaira Suit.? HQ is currently processing our request to further examine Officer Aran?s suit. Further information is strictly classified at Level 6 Access.

Pravon VI located at coordinates - – -- - – - - —

Warning!!! Virus detected. Ending file download?

The player sees Dark Samus? shadow run through a door, and chases after Dark Samus through three or four rooms. The player enters a large room, and sees Dark Samus Jump on Meda-Ridley (Meda or Mecha, Ridley or Ridely I can never remember which is which), and flies off, and the player enters the next room, where he or she fights Ridley.

After the player beats the final boss, Samus gains the coordinates, and then is materialized, and the last level plays. Samus is now under arrest for accessing restricted files. The player must reach Samus? ship before the GF Solders do. After reaching the ship, Samus punches in the coordinates for Pravon VI, and flies off.

The **Corruption Suit is basically the Phazon Suit, but dark blue instead of black, and the visor is bright green instead of red. The **Anti-Virus Suit is the same, only it is white, but slightly silver-grey, instead of black, and the visor is dark silver instead of red.

If you would like a teaser, I need a site that lets you make sprites without downloading software, what scenes you would like to see, and the sprites.(i have some already.)

  • Need names of beams and combos from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
    ** Open to other name suggestions.

The AUs running on Windows? Sickening.

once you get through the desk top, the background switches to normal metroid tiles

Huh. Well, it sounds pretty interesting, but I can’t help. I’m busy with other projects I’m committed to. Good luck though.

Also, do you mean the Ice Beam? Cause the ice beam wasn’t in Metroid Prime 3…There was Ice Missles, however.

o.k., ice beam, because there is usually a beam that freezes the metroids.

9/10 called the ice beam.
Hmm, it’s an odd idea.

A name… Metroid XP or Vista? Funky idea though =P.

o.k. iv got te sprites, no i just need to get them on a screen so i can give u guys a teaser. are there any sites that let u do that?

The title screen is done, but i need a sub-title and a cool font for it. Any suggestions? Who ever gives the one that goes one gets his/her name on the games developers. Good luck. :smiley:

  1. I would recommend not double-posting. Admins tend to look down on it, as well as everyone else. A good way to prevent double-posting is the edit button.

  2. Here’s what I came up with for a subtitle off of the top of my head, but it would help if I had the actual title to work with. Some of them are pretty cheesy, but whatever.

This Time, It’s Virtualized (Cheesy, I know)
Taking down Metroids…one bit at a time.
Downloading War
Uploading…Virtualization Complete
Virus Detected…Cleansing…Error: Virus Multiplying…
Shutting Down…

Yeah, I don’t really know what to do for a font. I would suggest something that follows your title’s font, but if I had to recommend any given font right now, it would either be Monotype Corsiva (A fancy font) or Beeswax (A scratchy font. Like it was carved). Those two are my personal favorites. Another fall back could be Canteo BT (I think that’s right. It’s another fancy font, but less formal than Corsiva). Yeah, give me the title, and I’ll come up with some more sub-titles.

srry for the double post, im not used to the edit button. :blush: When i said subtitle, i ment title as in “metroid Fusion”. i was considering “metroid prime 3.5: Anti-Virus edition”, but since the way i end the game suggests a sequel, ill have to make a unique title. i liked the “Taking down metroids” one, but the game isn’t about metroids, its about destroying the virus. The slogan could be “Deleting scum, bit by bit.” Congradulations!!! You are now part of the “Special Thanks” :smiley:

(P.S. Check out my new avatar. I made, phazon suit credited to Semi Juggalo. :wink: )

Oh…Whoops. Uh…Well, fortunately, I can come up with a couple of those.

Metroid: Infection (It sounds like Corruption, but whatever)
Metroid: Deletion (Is that a word? Firefox clears it, but I wonder…)
And Metroid: Upload (Upload could be changed to Download)

Oh…I guess I’m part of the special thanks…you don’t have to add me. I actually didn’t read all of your post. I just got to the part where you asked for a subtitle, and sort of just went and, well, posted. Anyways, Thanks. I appreciate the credit.

Edit: Oh, by the way, I like the slogan you came up with. I wish I had come up with it! :wink:

Yea, im gona need something like corruption for a title. what do you think of “Internal Corruption”?

Anybody have a suggestion on a different name for the suits i thought of?

Edit: Im getting GM now, so you can expect some better teasers.

I like your previous idea of Calling it “Anti-Virus Edition” but I would lose the “3.5” and the “edition” and just call it Metroid Prime: Anti-Virus. But hey, I won’t tell you what to call it. It’s your game, after all. :slight_smile:

I’ve got it!!! :smiley:> :mrgreen: :smiley:> :mrgreen: :smiley:>

Metroid Corruption

It hit me when i read “Metroid Prime: Anti-Virus”, i thought of the way you didn’t have a number, and then i used the word i wanted to use.

You are now in the Special Thanks again, congradulations!!! :clap: :smiley:> :clap:

Even te metroid likes the idea! See!

How about Metroid: Norton?

Maybe something like… Metroid - Cyber Mission / Virtual Mission

I thought about that, but it didn’t sound right.

The name Metroid Corrupton plays into the theme of a second sequel, a fanfic i made about a year ago. you may have seen it on the nsider forums before they where shut down, :cry: . it was called Metroid Rebirth, but unless you saw it before, u wont know about it for awhile. :wink: But i have fix the story of the first sequel before the second is possible.

I need spriters for my corruption and anti-virus suits. Anyone?

Go to This Site, and tell me which Samus “S” would look better for the opening screen.

Title Screen
View in full screen.

Don’t double post, don’t overuse punctuation, and don’t overuse smilieys.

If no-one replies, it’s possible that no one is willing to help you.

Metroid prime 3 corruption, dose that remind you of anything.

Metroid corruption :metroid:, um nice name…