Metroid Creator "Encourages" Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Creator “Encourages” Metroid Prime 4 see link below:…cle.php?id=9587


I can’t relay see this happening although a new prime would be nice!

This also tells us when other M takes place.

UTA, we already knew that <_<;;
It was mentioned several times in the last 2 to 3 pages of the Other M topic.

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why am i still on these boards? the only prime game i ever did finish was MP1… -.-

That’s the only one WORTH finishing…

My first thought upon reading the topic title involved a zombie Gunpei Yokoi btw. This isn’t as surprising.

A new prime wouldn’t really be great… the Prime story’s done, and I don’t want to have any Megaman X-style boss revivals (that being “ZOMG, Sigma’s back again even though he EXPLODED in a SPACE SHIP which ALSO EXPLODED, DEFYING ALL LOGIC WITH NO EXPLANATION!”) for them to make a new game.
However, I certainly wouldn’t mind another game in Prime’s perspective, which IS possible. And likely.

I think he means something from Retro running on the corruption engine (minus hyper mode) and an original story arch >_>

Metroid co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto has said that if Retro Studios (the American team behind the Metroid Prime trilogy) can come up a good idea he'd "encourage" them to create another sequel.

This makes me think he means a sequel somehow <_< >_>

I lol’d. Hard.

But yeah, anyway, I could see it, and that’s what disappoints me. The Prime trilogy is complete. Let it be done, IMO.

But seeing a different story arc using the Corruption engine, I wouldn’t mind.

The Corruption Engine is very good and it’d seem like a waste if they didn’t do a little more with it at all.

you know high voltage’s software is based on the source code for the corruption engine :smiley:

That’s why the Conduit is supposed to be so great, right?

I want Conduit so bad, just for that lol.

It’s out now fiy.

  1. I am fucking excited >,>
  2. All Prime’s were worth finishing.
  3. I doubt they will continue the Phazon/Dark Samus stuff but Dark Samus’s Death was not good enough. She died the same way she did before. Not good enough. And final battle for Phazon’s existence was a disappointing fight. Too easy and after the Aurora Unit I was hoping Darky was gonna jump out of the debris and pull a Ganondorf (OOT final battle). If anything they’re are just going to base it off pursuing the Pirates, in my opinion anyway.

I knew this. I have no moneys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if they do that, it’s not going to be just pursuing the pirates. It’s not epic/threatening enough.
They are not going to make a sequel, they said they were done with phazon, which also means we’re done fighting Metroid Prime. Finally. But why the hell would that mean they can’t use the engine for a different game? One without “Prime” in the name that has nothing to do with phazon.

The Space Pirates are THE enemies of the series. They can be very threatening. And not a single game was just based on fighting THEM, themselves. It was either Mother Brain or something which is like destroy the Pirate’s super computer. It’s not, destroy the pirates. And Metroid Prime Hunters had no Prime in it (I wish I didn’t have to bring this disappointment into this discussion) so just because it’s called Prime doesn’t necessarily mean it would have Prime in it (even though it makes sense and I personally would want them to give Prime a more devastating death) but just means it’s a first person Metroid game. Who knows? Maybe it won’t be called Prime, but still be a sequel. They might make a sequel. I hope they do. The Primes were great games and it’s hard to drop something so great. It was hard for me to accept the Primes were over. :cry:

Hunters was meant to be a multiplayer game, not a single player experience - it’s just a spin-off. It’s kind of like talking about making a new Final Fantasy and one of the guys on the team says "Hey, it doesn’t have to be a turn-based RPG! We could make an FPS, like Dirge of Cerberus!"
I just doubt that they’re going to call their next game “Metroid Prime 4” or anything like that. Phazon’s done, Metroid Prime’s dead. There’s no reason to put Prime in the title at this point. That storyline is finished. (I’m still ignoring Hunters. I’m hoping they don’t try to make a spin-off quality game just so they can put Prime in the name.)

And thank you for agreeing with me, by the way <_< I love space pirates as enemies, I just can’t see fighting through a game full of space pirates to fight, well, a random space pirate as the final boss. Unless you make Ridley the final boss. God knows he was harder than Mother Brain in Super Metroid anyway >_<

Well…we have no idea. After all, he said if they have any ideas for a sequel, so it could be more phazon, or just something else. Hell, maybe the Ing return…Actually, THEY PROBABLY WON’T EVEN MAKE THIS. I want them to though. Like I said, I was happy to find out they might make another sequel. I absolutely loved the Prime games. They “awakened the metroid fan in me”. I don’t care what they do at this point. I just want a decent game with fun metroidy gameplay, good weapons, maybe beam swapping, etc. Like…Prime 1 style, just a different story, different suits, and throw some screw attack in there. That’s kinda what I’m hoping for…

They could always do a game between MP1 and MP2, or between MP2 and MP3. It could even have Phazon without completely messing up the story.

I would prefer something not Prime, though. Maybe you’re sent to some planet to destroy some threat, and the planet has diverse, extreme environments, and you explore it and get nifty power ups. Sound familiar? I wouldn’t mind that, but I’m sure Retro would try to be more original.