Metroid-DB 15th ani

What’s this mean? A Bestary, of course. One I helped with (though a lot of my work that’s included is… meh).

I did:
Core X (A, B, and Varia)
Fune (sucks)
BSL Researcher (in progress)

On a completely unrelated note, a long time ago, didn’t you say you were willing to sell DA: Origins or something? And I was waiting until a computer upgrade? Because I’d definitely still do that.

Anyway, I didn’t even know this site existed. I know where I’ll be spending the next few hours (instead of sleeping or working).

Actually, I’m impressed. Things like this almost always suck. This is generally suck-free.

Not entirely, however.

Polyp: As far as I know, this entire thing is complete bullshit. Pretty sure they’re defense systems, not waste explusion systems.
Ripper: Ripper IIs should have no apostrophe
Ripper II: Ditto.
Skree: I’m pretty sure “kamikaze” is not a verb.
Viola: OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT ART. Granted the design is a bit cartoony to begin with, but it just looks REALLY out of place rendered like this.
Zoomer: Description talks about Geemers instead, and where did that pronunciation come from? AFAIK it’s never been made official.

Arachnus: I’m pretty sure its Japanese name is Malachi, a Biblical name… probably applied due to the “round” pun, but still.
Gulugg: Description is completely ridiculous, and rife with fanon. Also contradicts itself, because Misc. gives an accurate etymology, but Info gives a completely different, completely unsubstantiated and meanignless etymology as well.
Moheek: How do we know it has two eyes? If the art looks like there’s one, and the sprite is only ever seen from the side… Also, it says that they were aquatic and then evolved gills. Um… you mean LUNGS?
Other: God, there’s a lot of talk about infrared vision here. Where is all of this coming from? At least half of the monsters say they use infrared vision! Even ignoring the fact that fanon should be kept to a minimum, it just seems really repetetive.

Cacatac: Almost completely fanon.
Zebesian (Grey): The manga, Fusion, and Other M explicitly show that their lasers are NOT organic/natural.
Geega: Clearly not an insect. Leathery skin and dragon-like wings, non-segmented legs…
Powamp: “Caudral” should be "caudal"
Torizo: First explicitly says it’s an organism, then says that it might actually be a robot while acknowledging that no one knows what it is.
Waver: Missing everything from the Other M scan. Might be redundant with the M1 entry, but it feels really lacking as-is.
Zebesians: Red and Green show them with their Fusion/Other M design, despite them being in the Super bestiary. Just seems ill-fitting, considering Kraid and the Metroids get their M1 design in the M1 bestiary… And Gold just looks WEIRD in my opinion, but that’s hardly a “problem” so much as personal taste.
Other: There was also one instance of “siphon” being spelled wrong, but I forgot where it was and it was before I realized there were enough mistakes to start writing them down. It was spelled “syphon” IIRC, so you could run a ctrl+F to find it maybe.

Core-X A-Type: “Cellular walls” exist around, y’know, cells. Since you explicitly said this is an amalgamation of multiple X-parasites, it’s hardly a single cell, and thus can’t have a cell wall.
Neo Ridley: “This glitch can glitch up your game!” Awful wording aside, HOW does it glitch up the game, beyond being performed by a glitch in itself?
SA-X Monster: “… making it lose its ability to fire the Ice Beam. Though the SA-X had lost its ability to fire the Ice Beam…” Redundant much?
Serris: Man, this was SO good up until the end, when suddenly it pulls some fanon about using different luminescence patterns to attract mates or prey.
Yakuza: Refers to it as an arachnid in the last sentence. Arachnoform is a pretty decent invented(?) term, actually, but seeing as it has six legs, it can’t be an explicit arachNID in its base form.

General: Every apostrophe and quotation mark has a backslash attached to it. Th’fug? Also, duplicated monsters in master list, but I’m sure you know about that already.

Whew! All done, as far as I know.

Don’t mean to be all negative here. Seriously, I like it overall. But why make it good when it can be great? And that’s what I’m trying to help you do.

Also, the Grey Zebesian art is fucking awesome.

SWEET! :smiley: