Metroid DREAD

Yeah, I kinda thought so.
I hate it when efficiency (relatively ironically) holds us back!

Oh, so its Delano 6 then?
At this point the two ships are similar enough that its safe to assume they are one and the same. They both have the basic “X” shape, they have the same colors. And Sylux is hunting Samus… And hey! That ship in MP3 was chasing Samus!

At the same time, there are no other ships that look like the mystery ship in MP3 besides Delano 7. Like I said, its safe to assume they are one and the same. :wink:

See, that’s my problem with it. The Delano 7 is more like a V with stubbles on the bottom, while the mystery ship is an X.
I am sure that people aside from Sylux have the technology to make swivel-wings and blue paint. I see how it’s safe to assume that Sylux is a POSSIBILITY, but I would not say it is a sure thing.

Actually, I didn’t rip the model. A friend of mine did, and sent me an image of it, long before MP3 came out. Problem is I can’t tell if they’re even facing the same direction or not. Either way, the MP3 version is Dark Samus-colored, and the cockpit areas are very different in size and shape. Both of the other Metroid Primes’ secret endings featured Dark Samus.

Could this be Dark Samus!!? I don’t think so unless Dark Samus survive and doesn’t require anymore phazon to survive. Sylux’s ship doesn’t look like that ;however, Samus’s ships are very different lets see the one in Zero Mission, Metroid Prime, Metroid Fusion. Super and Prime 2 had the same ship, but Prime 3’s was different more of a battle class one.

I doubt DS survived, her death seemed too die-ey.

Those ships are definitely not the same, but are of a similar enough style to put forward the argument it’s sylux.
I mean, samus got a new ship with no explanation at all, and she’s the main character!

Yeah, but Samus gets new ships on a whim. Obviously, I mean, look at the difference between Prime 1 and Echoes. It can just be safe to assume that she got a new ship.

Sylux, however, is a rogue. It doesn’t make sense for him to get a new ship. I agree with Troid. It looks more like Dark Samus colors. Perhaps she did survive. To be honest, her death seemed to much like when she “died” in Echoes to me.

All I can say is please god no, not more dark samus.

Anyway, if I were a rouge, I’d blow my ship up every 4 seconds, so I;d need new ones.
Anyway, I’m only rouge from the feds.

I agree with Infinity. The Delano 7 is the closest comparison we can ever make. It simply doesn’t fit anybody else… And if it were somebody new, you’d think they would have some hinting toward it in the game. It’s already been stated that Sylux survived on MPH, he’s hunting Samus, AND I’ve heard something about them talking about “Hunter spin-offs” before MPH was released. Currently, it’s enough proof for me, as I don’t think anybody here has a better guess as to who it could be.

EDIT: They’d have to have a LOT of nerve to make that Dark Samus… Last I saw, Dark Samus could fly so you wouldn’t think she’d need a ship. Plus, the last 2 endings starred our dark friend being revived, and with MP3 being the last Prime, it wouldn’t make sense for them to say, “Lol Dark Samus is back!”.

Bringing Dark Samus back now would make the whole game pointless, I’m going to have to stick with Sylux. All of the ship designs changed in MP3, so I think it’s safe to assume Sylux’s ship changed as well.

Simply because the front wings move the same general way and almost look similar doesn’t make it the same ship, and doesn’t make it safe to assume. And the ship colors argument works here… it’s honestly nothing like Sylux’s colors. It’s more like Rundus or Dark Samus, or even parts of Noxus.
But, to be totally fair, Sylux was the one that seemed most antagonistic towards samus… maybe that’s just because there were more cut scenes with him/his ship <_<
maybe it’s just from the cut scenes for his ship…

The ship also has green engine thrusters, which we too saw on MPH. Still, you’re right… The designs are completely different, and one can only assume it’s Sylux because the basic structure and the resembling color scheme. but can you blame us? He’s the only person in the Metroid universe who was said to stalk and have a deep hatred for Samus, so it would explain him following Samus at the end of Prime 3. Besides him, the only other person I can think of (still an MPHer) would be Weavel, but he’s not nearly as important or popular as Sylux, and he has totally different ship AND colors. But one thing is a bit strange, the ship that crashes in the Bryyo Jungle Area (where you fight the house boss thingy…) does look a little like Weavels ship… but who knows, it can be a Pirate Drop ship as well, it’s only half-showing so it’s anyone’s guess.

EDIT: But once again, I’m STILL very sure that’s Sylux’s ship. >_>
It even kind of resembles the Lockjaw.

Eh… I guess the two best assumptions are that it’s Sylux or a new person entirely, ooor someone no one is thinking about.
The only other option I can think of are the three other hunters from MP3 have all scrapped together/stolen a ship, and decided to follow Samus for some really random ridiculous reason <_<

P.S. Check your pm’s, Dragon.

Wait… The only Hunter ships I’ve seen are Samus’s and Sylux’s… Where does it show the other hunter ships?

Rundus’s ship is on Bryyo…
If I’m right, the robot one’s ship MAY be somewhere in Skytown, but I have no idea…

Ghor’s battle suit was his ship, from what I could tell. At least, that’s what I have assumed to be the truth.

That’s what I assumed, it did everything else.

Weavels Ship:


Wow, I really missed out on that one, what other hunter ships have been shown? (Hunters in MPH.)

I don’t recall seeing any others, but I never saw Weavel’s before now… so I have no idea <_<

i just think is sylux, secret end movies aways do that, just like KH1 secret ending, when kairy appeared in the beach while some green meteors rained down on the sea, it din’t looked like kairy at all in that movie… still was kairy…

the same can be applied to this ship, is just the new ship of sylux…

i just hope they don’t put dogfights in the next game… but the way they giving more and more usefulness to the ship… sigh.

just the thought of a “samus flight simulator” make me shiver…