Metroid DREAD

Wow, Necro-post much?

Anyway, it might be Sylux’s ship, but I doubt it, to be honest with you. I mean, look at Prime 1’s 100% ending. It was just the Phazon suit’s hand coming out of a pool of phazon. Then look at Dark Samus in Prime 2 and 3. She’s blue. Pretty radical color and physical change, if you ask me. At this point, it could be anybody’s ship.

Kairi was still recognizable. Similar design, just older. Even if she did grow up fast after a year, year and a half or whatever <_<
However, the ship is completely different. Can’t just assume that it’s his because of flippy wings.
While a metroid space shooter would be lame, an iteration of Samus’s ship (and possibly other ships from Metroid, like… hm… Sylux’s… ) in a different space shooter could be amazing. Y’know, as an unlockable of some sort.
…like if they brought back the Rogue Squadron games. Seriously, Samus’s ship as an unlockable would be enough to get me to buy the game.

You know, I was kinda thinking about that. Instead of Rogue Squadron, they could call it Clone Squadron, and obviously, you would control a clone flying in Clone War Era stuff. I dunno, it sounds cool to me, especially if it was the Rogue Squadron team doing it.

Heh, heck yeah. The only problem is that they already have a game that covers the clone war stuff (jedi starfighter? I dunno. Could even be Battlefront 1 that I’m thinkin’ of…).
(In the jango fett accent) “All right, blue group, form on my wing. Red group, take out those droid fighters en route to the convoy. Gold group, keep an eye on Samus, would you? She has a nasty tendency to ship grapple asteroids and bombs, and I don’t want to remind you what happened to Private Alpha-?7.”
“Ah, yeah. Poor Alpha-?7…”

…hm. Or, in some weird Starwars bounty hunter spin-off game, it would be interesting to control a different bounty hunter from Metroid.

Like Sylux.

Oh, It could be a new hunter perhaps, only time will tell who is piloting that ship. In one of Prime 3 secret message it said something about a new 3d adventure like the primes were. Maybe thats were Metroid Prime Hunters 2 comes in, but I doubt it.

Lets see i don’t think it can be Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda(I don’t care how to spell her name) since Dark Samus absorbed them into her, so that means there dead.

Yeah, well, using that “they were absorbed=dead” logic, then Sylux wouldn’t be an option either.

But we -saw- Sylux get revived. And he just got knocked down, not -disintegrated-.

I’m just saying, if they can get absorbed and then revived, that option is still open for the other hunters whether we saw it or not.
…and who didn’t get disintegrated, Sylux or the last boss on Hunters?

Sylux got tentacle-raped and dropped to the ground, then disappeared until the ending, where he was seen flying his ship away.

Rundas got impaled, disintegrated, and absorbed. Ghor exploded and got disintegrated and absorbed. Gandrayda did a “Shapeshifter Swan Song”, which always seems to indicate permanent death in games and such, before being disintegrated and absorbed. None of them were ever seen again.

They’re hardly comparable to Sylux just because they both appeared to die.

Nieh, I see your point.

darn i was really hoping that this would come out :angry:

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