Metroid: Earth Oddessy

If he actually finishes it, he’ll probably have button edit.

this game is super awsome knight33!!

Way to revive a dormant topic… And make a new demo Knight33! If you did that consistently then this topic wouldn’t even be close to dormant.

Well that’s the curse of doing too many things at once. With a websites, games, graphics and stuff I always get derailed you see…I mean I know my game is popular but I just do too much :frowning:

Stop doing everything else and just work on this demo. That includes posting in this topic. And reading this. Get back to work!

is this metroid a sequal to any metroid game :confused:

To the above poster: Of course! It takes place after Metroid Prime 2, her adventure on Aether.

oops i forgot that yeah i really forgot it :whack:

Nice graphics, but yes the between door secenes are way too slow. You need to add to the demo, sadly it ends at the second elevator… :whack:. and PS i LOVE these smilies!

i do too walks to knight33…kniiight…:whack:

Where did you get those “slapping” smilies anyway? :confused:

click show all :whack: :sweat:

This was a pretty good demo you keep it up and it will be a really cool game :smiley:

most definatley otherwise i ill go mother brain on you

i like it :smiley: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue:

What… the… hell? In case you haven’t noticed, the link is gone (website is down), the last post was around 2 years ago, and your post was 3 words with 3 smileys… but I’m not mini-modding, I just want a copy of the demo. Anyone have a copy?

Okay, and with that, you’re officially on posting restriction for a day or two, Omega. -_-

Ok, the link isn’t there. The file was deleted. Please reupload it. (If posting on a dead thread is against the forum rules, I’m sorry. I’m a new member and haven’t had time to read the rules yet cause I’m sick right now.)

Not reading the rules is against the rules. Have fun with that. :laughing:

It’s ok Pichachu, we were all new at one point. When posting on old dead posts, it’s called Necroposting. You’re allowed to do that, as long as you post productively, and get the thread going again. You may want to start on the Thread: “Hi, I’m new!” Topic

As for the game, I’m not sure if OP is still around here anymore. This forum has been dead for a while now, then re-deaded, a couple more times. Anyways, Welcome to P2D!