Metroid Evolution



ME - programming/spriting
Rundas45 - spriting, and rocking the pimp hat
Zurginator - art && spriting, and being an arse with a glowing computer <_<
Sgt. Cortez - Music and spriting
Octohunter - programming better then me xD
kenji imatake - spriting, now with more trumpets!
StrafeHunter - story guy in a pirate voice
Phlake Jr. - Spriting before saturday xD

(to understand the end parts of some of these, you’ll need to see the recruitment forum on evo)

but yes, on to the game

it takes place in a system that is tucked away in a pocket of deep space
There is only one planet in this system, Nexus
The closest planet is Zebes, which is on the brink of colapse

(the planet’s name “Nexus” means connection i thought it was only appropriate due to the connection it shares with the fangame “Fall of Zebes”)

the space pirates have over taken Nexus and have begun their metroid breeding
eventually a queen is produced and egg are laid, the metroid population now self sustaining
then the experiments begin

they end up finding a way to make machine versions of the metroids
theyre still unsure of the energy thats being drained, but they found a way to harness it
(fortunately communication went down and this is the only planet with the knowledge of the “Mechtroids” and The 03)

and after samus flies from Zebes she is contacted as Zebes is still there
she returns but is captured and brought to nexus on the mothership
she escaped but not before a sample of her DNA is taken

the experiments continue, now on eggs taken from the queen
Samus’ DNA now introduced, along with some technilogical advancements and such

and The 03 is hatched into existence by the very creatures he will destroy

after the “mishap” of him escaping and causing such turmoil as to destroy a certain few needed life forms (part 1 on Planet Nexus)
the space pirates evacuate to their frigate as the planet is doomed for a cataclysmic destruction (part 2 on the Pirate ship)

our little friend follows them on board, where the rest of the game takes place

in the end, the Mechtroids end with the frigate, as does all knowledge of The 03

or does it?

you can find the evolved metroid in the graphics board
and no, the gun wasnt grown
it was surgically implanted while he was still in the egg


dont forget to inform me which you wish to undertake
that way i dont get 2+ versions of the same thing from different people xP

also try to be sure youre not making the fusion versions of them
(unless otherwise permitted)

aaaand if you think of something NOT on the list that you think would be a good addition, pm me

and you can ask to take a secret assignment
it just cannot be released

demo items now in RED
though more might be added

The 03

The 03
03’s egg - DONE
03’s hatching
power beam - DONE

drain beam - DONE
shockwave - DONE
"Queen’s Call" - in progress
Missiles - DONE
bombs - DONE
super missiles -DONE
power bomb - DONE
HUD stuff


Ripper - DONE
Zoomer - DONE
Geemer - DONE
Tsumari - DONE
Needler - DONE
Drivel - DONE
Hornoad - DONE
Moto - DONE
Dessgeega - DONE
Side Hopper - DONE
Evir - DONE
Fire Spire - DONE
Waver - DONE
space pirates - DONE
downed/injured Space Pirates - DONE

custom Meta Ridley (PM me for details)
metroids - DONE
small Metroids - DONE
hatchling metroid - DONE
cutom omega - in progress
Metroid Queen - DONE
SECRET ASIGNMENT (code name “GOO”) - DONE (might needs a fix-up)


morphball - DONE
energy tank - DONE
bomb power up - DONE

beam power ups
-“Queens Call"
missle upgrade
super missle upgrade
power bomb upgrade
missle expansion
super missle expansion
power bomb expansion
"suit” upgrades
-Hardend Exosekelton - DONE
-Omega Carapace
-??? (un-named)


Metroid eggs - DONE
water - DONE
title screen (metroid brain)
evolved metroid leftovers - in progress
doors - DONE


red cave - DONE
pirate lab - DONE
destroyed pirate lab


[color=red]SET ONE

-half destroyed pirate lab - DONE
-pirate lab - DONE
-cave ins (metal/rock)
-cave - DONE
-glass containment units - DONE
-broken glass containment - DONE
-lab objects - DONE[/color]

sound effects may be ripped
music must be custom

sound effects

bomb explosion
power beam shot
power beam hit
power beam false hit

power beam charge
power beam charge shot
power beam charge hit
power beam charged false hit
spin jump


light techno sciency theme
excape theme
creepy spacey title theme
miniboss theme

lists to be updated later ;D

clap, clap, clap Yay! Connecting these two will be pretty cool. :]

i know, right

i hope FoZ gets done first xD

Doubt it…>_>

one this bounce stops being stupid and i get the wall jump working i can rest for a bit xDDD


your epic code rewrite now makes everything easier =DDD

Woo =P

Sorry I got pulled away. My brother was being a selfrighteous asshole and telling me what he knows will be fun. Awesome sentence of the day: "You don’t understand that it’s fun yet."

So I had to go play DS in the same room as the rest of my family. Asocial rebellion ftw >_>

i also play DS during family gatherings


thanks Zurg!

hate to triple post buuuuut……dex.php?act=idx

its rather… ehhhh…

still need to color it and such

cough Well, okay but… Ehrm. I can’t do anything on your forum. Can’t reply, can’t post, nothing. (YES I registered.)

And good luck to your forum >.> the forum for my two side projects has remained dead and at three members for its entire existence (about two years).

O.o and i thought i fixed that…


it works

currently the engine is more or less working

walljump is severely flawed
and sometimes you dont land form a jump and/or slow down before landing
aaaaaand if you bomb jump into a ceiling you get thrown between the floor and ceiling

im working on making the walljump better, then to the bomb jump issue

then of course make it so the blocks dont re-appear if youre in their spot <_<

Oh crap… Ummm o.O;. I tried to comment, but accidentally filled out a “report to a moderator” XDD. I’m sure whatever mod will find out soon… And if they/you (mr. mod) come here, please put whatever text I wrote in that report on a new line in this post! xD I forgot what I wrote already, hah.


ive almost done that quite a few times myself xD

so now i have a sprite list =D

feel free to do any of them

you’ll have to see some of the items for the upgrades and such
they will be posted shortly

think i could help with the game? I have an enormous imagination and i’m a decent spriter.


drop by my forum =D…dex.php?act=idx

hate to double post, buuut

im removing the scan visor <____<
it is fail


and yes, this is a mock-up xD

So, am I part of the team?