Metroid Firefox Theme (Alpha Ready)

I was inspired to start this project by a few people and I figure some of you may enjoy it. I’m finally getting to know the coding surrounding a theme and I have most of my button prototypes done for the first one.

Here are the themes that I have in mind right now:

  1. Medium button sized Metroid emblem based theme.
  2. Large button sized Metroid Prime trilogy based theme.
  3. Small button sized Super Metroid sprite based theme.

Here’s some work.

Here it is…
Metroid Fire (Alpha)

To Install, download to your Desktop, open Addons under the Tools menu in firefox, drag metroidfire.jar into the themes field, install them prompted. Post comments and bugs please. I will be gone till Tuesday.

Looks like sex. Can’t wait to use the final product :smiley:

Yeah, it looks like one of the few themes worth trying.
You sould put your skills towards a windowblinds skin next <_<

Major revision today.

does the S-icon rotate in the theme?

I’m trying to get it to be the throbber. If not, I can make it spin the entire time.

Dear god no. Moving things on my monitor piss me off. If I’m not touching the mouse or keyboard, the screen better stay the fuck still.

Me said me can. Will? Probably not. It’s ideal for a throbber, not for a background. I agree Timmeh.

Or else I’d have to come over there and boot your buttocks.

i take it you’re not much of a game player then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I usually touch my keyboard and mouse when I’m playing a game.
Not so much when I’m reading a webpage.
EDIT: I just realized this is kinda ironic considering my avatar, but y’know.
I AM usually bothered by animated avatars, but 3 frames isn’t so bad.

what i hate is really long animated avys and having to start watching half of it just to get back to the beginning and figure out how it started…

Yeah, that’s annoying (partially becuase I do watch them)
THAT animation is allowed, long live carmeldansen.

:astonished: is this dloadable yet??? cause id seriously would love to have this mod for firefox :smiley: all i need now is something to replace the startup menu’s boring blue background

Did anyone else fail to understand that?

I got it, but it was choppy. He/She/It wants to know if the skin is downloadable, which it isn’t. Give us an update when it is, Ed, cause this looks sexy.

And yet her PM insists she doesn’t have to type properly because “people understand anyway”… -_-

I’m still working on some graphical issues and such. I have also been distracted by a GM project that was inspired by Phun (more on that later). I may release a test run (FF Theme) soon so I can see what kind of bugs come to the surface.

i think most people would’ve understood it…

i did


i came to realize that’s not true because not everyone on here plays online games like me, where people blabber in almost incomprehensible english at some points…
Things are coming along, but it takes a long time to find and change all the little details within the browser.