Metroid Fusion Sequel!!

You know, I always wondered what would happen after Fusion. This topic is dedicated to your account of what you think could/should have happened after MF.
My version:

Travelling through the decay that is now the GF, and hunted down by GFT, Samus scooters through space. She ponders on the explosion of the space station on SR388: the events run through her every night, a burst of nightmare pictures. She goes back, but the Etecoons mess with the control board. They crash-land on SR388, and they’re not alone, because something SURVIVED.
/hint Those metroid shells in SRX. Brrr./

…Sr-388 is went caboom at the end of fuzion.



Why do so many people think SR388 (no dash, dammit) survived? The entire point of the end of the game was to completely destroy the planet.

And Sakamoto officially confirmed that it was gone anyway.

What about SR387?
I mean, when you have at least 388 planets in a system, you’re bound to hit something.

If you die of the explosion, SR388 will remain intact.

How? The game wont show SR388 blow up if you die because…well, you’re dead.

But is there really a point if Samus dies? Metroid after Samus’s death would kinda suck, though it could make for an epic fanfic.

Can any sequel after Fusion really be any good? I mean, if the Feds will really resot to try to punish you, they’d be fools, it’d ruin the story line anyways, I think they hit a snag and that’s why you don’t sequels after. Maybe if a sequel started with the feds forgiving you and understanding your actions. Ok, no big deal right? And then starting a new kind of enemy/story still with Metroids, it’d be good for me.

The point of this topic is not to criticise my story, but to give your own personal mini fanfic. Anyway there was no specification in-game that SR388 went kablooie, apart from Sakamoto saying so. There was a big baddaboom, flash, whatever, and that was it. You shouldn’t always believe what Ninty officials say. Nor hype that mags start up (e.g. Metroid Dread anybody).

No. That was destroying the threat that was X on the ship. The impact of the station, comparable to a small asteroid, would cause a shockwave followed by a wall of flames and annihilate X on the surface and crush and burn the subterranean gelatine-based cowards. The survivors would assemble for survival, until a bounty hunter, eaten by doubt, lands and finishes them off. Metroids, with their unknown early larval status and protection knowledge shallow, we could suggest that a queen Metroid (there was enough time for an Omega one to pop up) covers them with its hardening saliva (again speculation) in the depths of SR-X. There may be big casualties, but they will survive.

Ah. Phew.

If there was any doubt, he would have said he couldn’t discuss it, or dodged the question, or said “we’ll address that later” like he did about Ridley.


He flat-out confirmed that it was 100% destroyed.

And if we can’t comment on the stories, what the hell’s the point of posting them?

Nintendo has a knack for doing that. Look at Prime 3!

How did Prime 3 come anywhere near ruining the story? All it did was wrap up the loose ends.

Never mind that Retro did that, not Nintendo.

Oh… OK Daz… But just give the source from which you took this info from (web site+ games conference). A shame really.


Thanks Daz. The other answers are full of Japanese madness and spiritualism… OK, a shame really about SR388.

I thought the words “destruction of the planet” in the actual game meant exactly what it said…

So? Metroid fans love to debate completely retarded points.

Hell, they still try to claim that the base pirate race is nonexistant and that it’s nothing but a Covenant-style mix of races.

You know, despite Prime 1 referring to Space Pirate as a ‘species’ in three occasions, Andrew Jones stating that he wanted them all to look like one race, and Sakamoto saying that the race originally dubbed “Zebesian” made up almost all of the pirates, with the rest being things like Ridley and the ki hunters. Plus Prime 1 referred to the different-looking pirates as simply having “modified exoskeletons”.

MP3 spoilers follow

Plus Corruption finally showing their home planet, and featuring nearly every unique pirate design from the series, all built around a single body type with different exoskeletons and armors added on.


Despite this, fans cry til the cows come home about how they “have” to be multiple races because they look a little different sometimes.

More like fans of ANYTHING.

I can’t stand when people try to bend fact and make wild assumptions just because something isn’t said clearly enough.

Like that Ness will be in SSBB. I’m not sayng it’s impossible, but its so unlikely, I don’t see what there is to debate. He MIGHT be back, but you can’t outwright scream at people that he’ll be back.

Just an example.

Well, Sakurai at one point flat-out said that every character from the original would be returning, and Lucas has enough differences from Ness that they wouldn’t necessarily be ‘clones’.


Oh good god. Please no.