metroid game screenshots for psp

dont u have to ask permission to use the sprites first or something? i always thought u did :sweat:


i already did from red, and some sprites are ripped from the games…

Actually you are all wrong on copyright issues. Yes, they WILL slam your ass with the Millenial thingy (shuts down anything that breaks copyright laws WITHOUT makers acknowledgement.) Thats right. Examples? Metroid Classic. Metroid for the PC. All credit given, then WHAM. Another one bites the dust. Nintendo is just lenient on homemade stuff, but if you try Halo fangames… yeah… its pretty much devs vs. home devs with the conflict they give.

yes, but if you read more about metroid classic, you see it says they cant do anything as long as its just a bunch of “and it just so happens”

I guess we’re all deep fried then…

And if it was so much of an issue, why don’t all the people who post fanart on the Nintendo forums don’t get punished? Fanart would technically be considered a copyright infringement, too.

Anyway, I’m not big for PSP, but do these homebrew games work on the actual systems?

Sounds good, but I’m not to interested as I don’t have a PSP. Best of luck though! :smiley:

ha ha ha, people will get sued by using and creating games from the company then.
well for me probably you can use it by not putting any price on it(make profit out of it) its just a fan game, like every homemade games…

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