Metroid Legends Online

So, yes, it’s finally here, the beta demo of Metroid Legends Online. In the future I will hope to add sound effects (that’s a first for the Legends series!), re-make all the areas into much larger rooms with doors, add more detail, and of course more weapons! However, I’m starting to work on an MORPG for awhile so you’ll just have to wait a bit longer.

You can find MLO, the rest of the Metroid Legends series, and other games here!


-Powerbeam and bombs as unlimited ammunition
-Wavebeam, icebeam, plasmabeam use a main ammunition source
-Icebeam temporarily freezes opponents
-The HUD “lags”
-There’s mouselook
-Three separate elevations
-Chat system
-Emoticon commands
-Offline mode where you play against the computer
-4 large arenas, 6 if game is developed further

Metroid Legends 3 now being worked on using the same engine as MLO. FYI- you people could reply if you wanted to :neutral_face:

It’s good but i don’t like the idea of give your ip to your opponent thing

but 8/10

Sorry about the IP thing, I know this might sound lazy but the only way I could use a so-called lobby for Online is to spend 500 hours searching for somebody who likes the game enough to get a dynamic IP and keep the game up 24/7, or for me to get a dynamic IP and do the same :frowning: