Metroid Metal

So, they just put up a new track. Downed Frigate. Here’s the DIRECT link save target as for this. Its the MP3. Its sick nasty. So, what are your favorite tracks? I love his newer stuff.

I’m pretty sure you linked to the original version

I like his newer stuff too, UTA. But I also like his older stuff. In other words, I like all of the Metroid Metal soundtracks.

I’m 100% sure you are wrong. That’s the remix.

Yeah, its just that the start is so freaking awesomely accurate, that you cant really tell the difference. I love it. Also, their playing PAX. And Si, I do like their older stuff. Its just that the drums sound better in the newer ones, and I’m a drummer. :smiley:

I agree with that 100%.

Not even kidding, I really think that the drums have been taken to a new level lately.

So, yeah, agreed, UTA.