Metroid move is there one ???

Is there a Metroid movie ???

yes there is it gonna b released next yer itz got every metroid charachter ever and even a guest appearence by mario lol!1!!!1!

someone has the rights to a metroid movie though.

John Woo has the rights or something, but it’s not likely we’ll ever see it since it’s been speculated about for like 5 years already.

oh well.

I have been wan’ting a Metroid movie EVER scence I was 12 years old.

So like, half a year?

I was 12 at 1998. I am now 21 years old.


i can’t help but think metroid would go really crappily into movie form. Who wants to watch an elite huntress run around exploring, with no one to talk to!

No one, it’d be almost as bad as MP3, when it comes to keeping the style.

There was a topic/IRC discussion started by CAD back at SCU that discussed all the ways that a Metroid movie could suck. The first one was it being made. I have the IRC logs of the initial discussion, but there were better ones in that topic, which sadly no longer exists.