I sorta would like Uma Thurman to be samus. She killed bill so why not Mother Brain?

Well, Uma would be good, but definatly (be quiet >_>) no Paris or Angelina. I’d rather Claudia Black play Samus <_<

I’m not a movie watcher. I have very little idea who any of these people are.

Uma Drool (If her hair were longer, she’d make a perfect Samus.)

Angelina Jolie (She does have the build, but I agree she definately wouldn’t fit the bill.)

I assume this is who you ment Enzd by Paris? How dare you even THINK they’d consider her a Samus candidate. Shudder

And Claudia Black: I’d rather see Samus stay a blonde. She changed her hair too much over the years.

Now that I look at it, just get Uma’s hair longer and she would be perfect. Jolie I don’t think would be a good choice either now. She already starred in the Tomb Raider (metroid rip-off) movies, so we don’t need her again, Plus she really doesn’t look like Samus. Good God, if Hilton gets that role, I will be praying Motherbrain or Ridley or Kraid or even the Space Pirates do kill her.

With that in mind, I wonder what the enemies would look like on the big screen?

Definitly (sp?) going to need some good animation and effects for the Space Pirates, Metroids, etc. I’m wondering a few things about how they are going to do this though. First of all, are they going to make a whole new story line, or renact a game. Also, how are they going to implement speaking because Samus never talks. My guess is that they will make a new story where Samus has to interact with the Galactic Federation. Maybe the story of her life before the original Metroid?

If you actually read the link, I believe it mentions that the movie will show Samus’s early life.

There’s always talking in movies. Real humans can’t stay quiet for that long while fighting.

And uma would, yes, make a good samus.

How can they do it in video games?

None of it is reaaaalll.

Are movies real then?

Not in concept usually, but tend to be moreso than video games…And they’ll probably screw things up unless a gamer is making the movie.

All video game movies are doomed to be screwed up. Look at movies like Resident Evil, or The Super Mario Brothers Movie, none of those were even remotely like thier video game parents. Shakes head Metroid Movie though cool to see, will most likely be inaccurate.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was an excellent movie, but not really related to Final Fantasy. Do you think we’ll have the same thing here?

I just saw the smb movie about 4 months ago ian ti REEEEELY SUCKED!!!
I raTHER WATCH THE TELETUBIES!!!.. and then again mabye thats going a little too far.

Maybe the marios going on a quest to save the princess from teletubbies…

Now that would just be so messed up, I’d have to go see it!

Yoshi turns out to be a Telletubbie and then Bowser and Mario do the fusion dance from DBZ and form Mariowser and kick everyone’s ass.

I think they would mess it up, unless they got MAJOR input from Metroid fans who know what they are talking about … Like some of us. I am just wondering what the storyline would be like?

mabye one of us is a metroid movie maker :smiley: