metroid music

metroid music is brilliant.
probably the best music ever. especially the planet zebes stage in n64 smash bros.
i myself have lots of metroid music. i am happy when i listen to it :smiley: , and when im playing the games. i just think that metroid music is the best. better than that yapping nonsense you hear on mtv.

So uh… do you want us to discuss Metroid music or just think about the fact that you like Metroid music? At SCU Andrew Mills claims he has “all the Metroid musc” and you can buy it for a cheap price (~$10 and that includes S&H). Problem is, shipping is so slow one of the guys here got his stuff in 2 months and mine hasn’t come yet after one month. Still if it is as good as he claims (every music in Metroid series from M to MP2) then it is a thing to check out.
I hope this dosen’t get censored but if it does just go to the SCU site.

It doesn’t include shipping and handling, it IS shipping and handling. He can’t make a profit off of it, so that’s all he can charge for.

go on limewire or some other program and type in metroid music. i typed in omega pirate and got the music for when you are fighting him in-game.

Yeah, the Metroid music is good, definitley. But I prefer the Metroid Metal Soundtrack. Just google it. It’s the Metroid soundtrack, but it was remade with a heavy metal sound to it. I think they should use it for metroid prime three!

As awesome as Metroid Metal is, the metal style does NOT fit Metroid Prime gameplay. <_<

Metroid Prime maybe, Daz :smiling_imp: I can think of a few good uses for MM.

yeah, i agree with daz, metroid wasn’t meant for metal, it kinda ruins the atmosphere when in a scifi like metroid, it takes it from atmospheric, to action packed, like they did in resident evil 4 kinda (not saying metal is like re4 or that re4 is bad at all, but if they kept it scary like 2, it would be awesomely better, though action is very good for re4)

dude those are some pretty good tunes

…yeah…but just not for a regular metroid…maybe a fangame…(hm…)

I thought Metroid Metal was made only for NES Metroid.

…??..dont know…lots of the metroid music repeats, or is simply remixed…

metroid metal wasnt made for any metroid game.

i assumed that he meant from

Um not to mega bump but for the people who are still wondering, I got Symphony of Samus and it was great. The contents greatly exceeded my expectations. Be warned: THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH SOME CD PLAYERS. It is in MP3 Format.

thanks for the warning.

i realy love the first overworld theme for metroid prime, it just has some realy metroidy feeling to it, ya know? but i still think the old brinstar theme is my fav. :smiley:

i love the Lower Norfair music. it was the Magmoor Caverns theme in MP. and in metal, it = awsome.

I think the only way you could fit Metroid Metal to an actual Metroid game is if it was a non-serious spoof of some kind. It could still be a good, full, Metroid Game … but Metroid isnt the hard-hitting action game that the music calls for. A Metroid game with Metroid Metal music would have to be more light-hearted and perhaps even comedic for it to work.

That said, when people ask me “Who is your favourite band?” I reply with “Metroid Metal”.

Considering it contains the word “Metal” they usually respond with “oh really? Never heard of them are they death metal?”

well, since they made a metroid metal theme of lower norfair/magmoor caverns, and the same song was in magmoor, in MP. and if you think about it, the Magmoor caverns had kind of a “danger/daring” theme with the music and all, i think the Metal version of the song would have fit fine.