Metroid *name*

I am currently hacking a Metroid Fusion Rom using the Zero Fission editor. Zero Fission

I’d change the name, I apreciate what you’re trying to do, but it’s not gonna work.

Anyway, ever level designed before?

Start -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages tab -> Details button -> Set the correct default keyboard layout.

I use Dvorak.

Yesss!!! Thank you so freaking much!!!
Ok, as promised, here is the plot:
After fusion, Samus returns to Federation HQ. She is immediately arrested on charges of insubordination and destruction of Federation property. Her ship is put under watch, and her suit is sent into the labs, to be studied.
Suddenly, the bay holding your ship rocks with a massive explosion. Security cameras show the SA-X coming out of your ship and killing the Troops stationed in the bay. To prevent X contamination, the bay is jettisoned and detonated. However, just before detonation, your ship launches, with the SA-X at the controls.
Now understanding the destructive potential of the X, the Federation gives Samus a new mission: Destroy the SA-X, and any other X, in exchange for a full pardon. Samus is given her suit, and a Federation ship, and sent to planet name here, were the SA-x was tracked to.
“My current…”
The SA-X locks on to Samus, and shoots her down.
The impact launches Samus from her ship, and she hits the ground with so much force that most of the systems (convenient).
In the second or so room, I’m going to have you in morph-ball (I’m not taking it away), under the floor, with a metroid in the room. The SA-X walks in and freezes it. A X floats in, and infects the metroid. The metroid husk falls, and the X takes on the metoid form (slightly edited, of course).
This will open up some interesting possibilities, since the X can now infect their main predators. I may keep “Dread”, and have the final boss be something like a super-advanced metroid, taken over by X.
If you don’t want X to be in the game, TOO BAD. I think I have a decent enough explanation as to why they are still there…And I promise to kill them off.

So…uh…how did the X survive? And why would freezing the Metroid give the X the ability to copy it?

Oh, and to actually give you some help, I would make that a cutscene, where the SA-X freezes the metroid and the X infects it. Unless your planning to have Samus helplessly watching what is happening. And what planet did Samus crash on now?

EDIT: And why are there Metroids on this planet?

Okay…Most of that seems logical…Well, I wanted to know how the X could absorb the metroid. I mean, it was the X’s natural predator, it just seems to me that it would have a personal defense against the X. That’s why the Metroid vaccine worked so well in Fusion, right? I’m not sure, merely speculation.

Even then, you could work it out so that these Metroids have adapted to a planet where the X weren’t present, thus making them lose their defense against it…I dunno. It’s your game, not mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if a 'troid is a natural predator, enough X could overpower one, predator-pray is not absolute.

Anyway, storyline is a VERY small part of a ROM hack, I suggest you find someone who can level design really well, and ask them about your designs.
Dunno, some people can just ‘do it’, others need practice. I’m certainly a practice person, judging by my standards!
Anyway, good luck, it sounds like a neat concept.

Sorry, I’ve no experience with it.
Is it any more usable than SMILE?

Um, SR388 was the home planet of the 'troids…

Again, I would just say that the metroids were brought here many years ago…that’s a stretch, but at least it’s believable.

Oh my god… How many M2 remakes do we need? It’s becoming one of the most overused ideas ever, besides the “Samus is arrested by the GF” plot (which, you actually used too…).

Lol, and I’ve never seen a game were samus gets arrested…
Never mind, I got the editor working on Fusion, so I will be doing name…Yes, I still need a name. I’m thinking of Return, but thats a bit to much like M2. Revenge is the other idea…but I don’t know.

Admins, ignore the double and triple posting of others, it’s like that because I deleted previous posts.

Edit: Cool Song Here. Now if only I can figure out how to import a song… Doubt something of this quality would work anyways… :frowning:

Edit 'gain: A REALY quick Paint of my concept for the final boss(yes it looks like crap I only had 1 minute to do it)

Final Edit: admin or mod can delete this (no, I don’t have the drop-down menu). The editor is not allowing me to change fusions map, because it isn’t supported yet. so until I can get an updated one, this is over.

Where did you find that song ???

Edit: It’s okay i am downloading the song now…

Wait, do you mean delete the whole topic? Usually we’ll just close it, and then you can make a new one or have us reopen this one when the editor supports Fusion maps.

You could do it in zero mission?
Or are you planning to use adam’s thingies to progress storyline?

Can’t do it in ZM, cuz it needs FUSION SUIT.
And I guess you can just close it…

Can’t you, you know, hack the sprites in?

I can’t do anything worth a flip. If you know how, please tell me!
You can download the program from first post, and try but I ain’t got a clue.

Not my area, I suggest google.