Metroid Omega

hi i need help on making the Metroid Omega please send some email to my account to help me I already have the samus spirat of Varia/Gravity/Phazon sut

This game is on a planet made of phazon and parts of Dark Aether as well so please help me with this game I need lots of help. Phazon colors i need is blue, red, green and light grey. The enemy are the metroids and Metroid Omega and Metroid Omega does not look like Omega metroid it a lot diferent. :smiley:

Emperor Gundam

Do you have a storyline for it or do you need help with that?

yes please and get other people to help to.

there is a spot of the game where you have to protect the Federation Trooper and their comander from the Pirates

Hmmm, I’ll try, what are you using to make it and do you need more sprites?

There will be a new form of the Emperor Ing this one will help you sometime by bringing it what it wants.

I may need some help on programing the game. and I don’t now of any program to make a game.

Ok, I have a fuzzy idea for it right now. I’ll PM you it, use gamemaker to make it.

any way my name is Justin i am going to be i game designer and work for the retro studio. the one that made Metroid Prime and MP2E and there working on the Metroid Prime 3

You should have a new message… I can work on sprites and tilesets if needed.

please send me an email sometime next week i will post the image and the story line as well. to talk about it. It is 6:33 here in Alabama.

P.S is it nice in New England I always wanted to go see other place beside United States every ting here is boring to me.

I don’t know I live in CA.
I’ll email you the edited story tommorrow when I finish it.
P.S. Why do you quote yourself?

if you read about the new beam i wil design it and the ammo for it.

is it nice in CA.

Yes, but we are getting off topic, this thread is for the fangame not random stuff.
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thank you i now but i can’t get it out of my mine. it bug me. drive me nuts.
did you read about the new info about the Omega Cannon

Yes, I did could you resend me your email I accidently delted that message?

ok i will i have to help my dad get the food in it sould be a few minutes,

Well I have to get off the computer right now so I’ll see ya tommorrow.

Here are the items you get


omega cannon

morph ball
power bomb/ ice power bomb / wave power bomb/ plasma power bomb

jump ball
screw attack
power grip