Metroid pets

Indeed. But still, I mean… Metroids CAN be domesticated. All you need to do is be there when it hatches, so that it imprints onto a human, and therefore gets the impression humans = good. It shouldn’t attack other members of what it thinks is it’s race.

or they think you are their mother and even save your life giving you the hiper-beam when your fall in danger :smiley:

Yeah, metroids seem like an allaround pretty good pet.

i would use my metroid to rule the world with me and Debbie…my dragon

debbie? what kind of name is that hehe isnt D.E.B.B.I.E ?

Dragon eternal dumb destructor irracional eternal (again)

I said “Can’t say the same about you”, implying that you could get hurt.

Read the post before you reply. :unamused:

Man, I would love to have a ZM metroid as a pet, those things were kick- ass. The Metroids in the Prime games I usually consider mochtroids.

Though you may want to keep a spray bottle of liquid nitro around, in case they start having too much fun.

If we want to play it safe and sane, I’d have a dachora. It might be kind of dangerous to ride, but at least they’re not as hostile as most other metroid creatures.

Otherwise, I’d really want a grenchler or a sidehopper.

Funny how all my suggestions have two legs.

I want a tallon Crab :confused:

If people in Alaska are lonely, fear not…

A Baby Sheegoth is the perfect pet! Lolz…

It may be a little hungry at times, but…

I would have a Rezbit. That thing would be awesome if it didn’t kill me! I would be able to hack computers, and hit my enemies with energy blasts!

Hey, I fofgot about MP2Echoes… Maybe from it, I’d like lightflyer. It’s just be cool to be followed everywhere by one of those.

I would like a pulse bombu. I just like the look of them. There cool floating around and stuff

They just keep rotating and dropping bombs…

I think they’re extremely annoying.

I would want an ingsmasher.With it i could teach crime a lesson!

I’d like one of the little baby metroids in Echoes. Even I think they’re cute.

Ing Warrior! Ings are so cute omg @_@

Triclops! I would love to have a triclops. They kind of waddle around and move things. They make a funny noise when they spit Samus’ morphball out of their little caves. Funny…

OMG! I never thought I’d come across someone who thinks they’re cute, too! (I think they are very cute)

I would have a little tiny ice paracite from MP