metroid pirate camando

when metroid pirate cammando is done you will be able to play as a space pirate! you will also be able to go through levels like zero mission, super metroid, prime and more. I need someone to help me find sprites, backgrounds and music from any metroid game. here is list of sprites I need and which game they come from:

spacepirate [zero mission]
ultra pirate [zero mission]
ridley-x [fusion]
suitless samus[zero mission]
kraid [zero mission]
mother brain[zero mission]
alpha metroid [return of samus]
gamma metroid [return of samus]
zeta metroid [return of samus]
queen metroid [return of samus]
space pirate [super metroid]
sa-x [fusion]
shriek bat
HORNOAD [fusion]
space pirate[fusion]
metroid hunter [prime]
metroid fission [prime]
war wasp [prime]
war wasp hive [prime]
dark samus
dark pirate[prime 2]
pirate cammando[prime 2]
queen parasite[prime]
omega pirate [prime]
metroid prime [prime]

more to come on the list…

y dont you make them…its your game…

Not to mention that half of those would have to be made regardless.

How exactly do you plan on making this game anyway? do you have any type of engine made for this, or let me guess: you need a programmer too.

u should learn to program so you can make YOUR OWN engines for YOUR game.

But good luck with all the sprite work…can you even sprite? or do you need a spriter to?

i’m just saying that if you can learn atleast one of those attributes, we MIGHT help you a little.


Well this seems destined to fail. The poster has about the English level of a newborn sock, he breaks one of the main ‘rules’ of the Fangame section with absolutely no sign of future updates to fix it, and he seems intent on bitmixing and potential spritetheft… plus his entire game seems like nothing more than “YAY LETS STUFF EVERY KIND OF ENEMY POSSIBLE INTO A GAME WITH NO RHYME OR REASON :smiley::D:D”, because… let’s face it… many of those can’t even come close to possibly fitting together in one game with a coherent plot.

Not to mention the fact that sprites from different platforms look horrible together.

Or… were you planning on remaking them?