Metroid - Pokemon Hunters

hi everyone…I’m new here and I’m going to create a action/adventure game called Metroid - Pokemon Hunters. the game will include the hunters… ( Samus, Rundas, Trace, Spire and Sylux.) and the Pokemon ( Articuno, Ho-Oh, and more)

combining an awesome game and an ok game…

might work

generic crossover = do not want.

i wasn’t finished… Dark Samus will return in the game as a ghost… but before this happens, a Pokemon named “Darkrai” the creature of darkness uses 7 pokemon element stones to revive Dark Samus, the elements are ( Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness.) when all 7 element stones are combined, the sky will go dark and a gigantic portal will open, and there you will see Dark Samus exiting from the portal and then something very strange happens, Darkrai and Dark Samus fusion together to become " Darkrai Samus".

More like:
Earth, wind, water, fire, dark, light, wood, and moon.
Woo Seiken Densetsu.

no offence, but that is a horrible idea.
the whole fusion thing is overused in many fanfics, most of which include other out of place DBZ references. i’ve seen better ideas than this on Nsider.
you should put real effort into fanfics, this one just seems to have taken ideas from DBZ (Element stones = dragonballs?)

Not to seem offencive, i like pokemon, and i like metroid, those two games are like cats and dogs, they are both cute, but put em together and things get ugly, not to mention that 'darkrai samus" part is just a bunch of dumb $H1T.
but before this thing is dead, i would like to see more of the details