Metroid Prime 2 Echoes 2D: Who wants to join?

I need help. I’m Trying to create MP2E2D.

Well first off, its not all that easy to create a 2d game from 3d. Just ask the people who are doing P2d … and myself. A while back I tried creating a HL22d (Half Life 2 2d) and it didnt work out all that well … mainly because the sprites that other people and myself had made were not all that great … amoung other things.

And second, you are probly the thousandth person to want to make a MP22d … and its kinda unoriginal …

I am not tryin to shoot you down or anything but you have to take into consideration that the people at SCU are probly gonna do this same thing.

But all things considered, are you going to make this completely from scratch or use sprites / enviroments from existing games (MF, MZM)?

… If you MUST embark on this horridly unoriginal project, get a new name. P2D Team has been considering making the sequel as well, and we can’t have two games with the same name.

But anyway, I’d love to help with the pirates. :3 Translation: I WILL DO THE PIRATES. END OF STORY. <_< Any excuse to sprite a commando is good to me! ^.^

Listen to Daz. Any attempt to even start to sprite a pirate will be construed as an insult to his Pirateness and he will personally hunt you down. Seriously.

MP2:E, do you have any sprites or backgrounds so we can see what kind of work you do?

Sorry, I’m still working on some sprites. Well what new name should I call it. Any Suggestions?

edit 1: Also I’m not very experienced with sprites. But I have a registered version of game maker and can use it well.

edit 2: I’m going to start a website. I will tell you when it is finished. I know it’s not original, but still. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes rocks and I just thought it would be a good idea.

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Good luck recreating the environments in 2d.


edit: Does anyone have experience with sprites?

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Metroid Prime 2 2D: Another Side

The story of MP2 but you play as Dark Samus.

Also just so you know it will be basically the same as P2D.

edit 1: And to answer your question Dark Samus. I am probably going to ask permission of SCU team to use some already existing enemies, and others we will create from scratch.

edit 2: Post some good sprites here.

edit 3: If P2D is also making it I guess we’ll have to stick with dark samus’s story.

edit 4: Sorry guys but I guess I’d better leave this project until I get some more experience.

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I have little experience with sprites.
My sprites is here on sprites thing

EDIT: And i think i can make MP2 echoes with you(maybe)

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I think it would be more original if you did a version of MP2 starring Dark Samus, since the P2D Team is going to do Echoes once it’s done with its current project.

That does sound a lot better.

Note that MP22D is not confirmed, but since most of the game is already gonna be done and spriting (the only part that isn’t) is the most popular part of this one anyway, it’s pretty much inevitable that we’ll do it eventually. No real reason not to.

Well I suggested the Dark Samus MP2 and that would be pretty cool if someone did that.