Metroid Prime 3 Oddity

Copy and Paste from Metroid Headquarters.

So I dusted off my Wii and popped in Metroid Prime 3 to see if this kid was telling the truth. found some interesting things in the room on Elysia named “Junction” (or something similar to that). This is Hyper Mode difficulty, Ghor has already been beaten, but the game is not yet completed. I can see a Sylux resemblance, but others may not. sorry about the image quality, I took the screenshots of the game, but it wouldn’t save to my SD card, making me have to capture the screenshots with a digital camera (hence the bad quality).

First Image: The AU. This is not to be confused with the supposed “Sylux”. This is only to show the difference. Also, this isn’t Ghor either, I don’t think. I’m sure Ghor looked different than them both.

Sylux Conspiracy? Who is this?

Sylux Again?! Zoomed in this time.

Let’s say this IS Sylux. If this were the case, then the ending would make sense. He knows knows where Samus is because he’s been watching her through the Sky Town network, and that’d also explain how his ship just appears to be following her just after she left the planet. I think this can actually make a little sense. Images all captured by me, Dragon.

… Of course this is possible it’s just another random character which I forgot about, making this all pointless. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also the matter of of the Sylux ship at the end of the game.
Just about every discussion on this everyone is like "Well it has minor differences so NO!"
Given it looks slightly different, but Ninny changes things all the time.
Take for example the space pirates from SM to ZM and MF.
Or samus’s changes from SM to ZM, pointy shoulders at the beginning of ZM and rounded shoulders in SM.

I’m positive that it is in fact the Delano 7 (I think that’s what the ship is called.) going after Samus’s ship at the end of MP3.

See, here’s the thing. Yes, they change designs, but they also call them Space Pirates in both games. It’d be retarded to say it’s not a Space Pirate despite looking so different, as it fights Samus, works with Ridley, climbs walls, etc. There is a lot of evidence, plus the direct reference to it still being a pirate. Besides, the games reference them upgrading their armor and mutating their own bodies, so it makes sense. Samus changes designs too, but again, she upgrades her armor, and she’s always directly referred to as being Samus–always has a morph ball, missiles, etc.

The ship, however, looks nothing like the Delano 7 beyond a very vague color similarity and the number of wings. That alone doesn’t discredit anything–but there’s absolutely no evidence other than that. Sylux never appears in the game. He never gets referenced in the story. There is not a single pixel or anything in the entire game that mentions Sylux in any way whatsoever. It’s hardly comparable to the space pirate/Samus situation.

Maybe it’s the Delano 7. Maybe it isn’t. There’s absolutely, 100% no proof one way or the other. Get over it.

As for the initial post, I’m fairly certain the thing in SkyTown is a pirate militia. Looks just like them, and it shows up in a pirate-controlled facility.

I guess it can be a Space Pirate. I didn’t think of that before.

480p graphics really looks like shit.

Well, duh.

orly i wudn’t know because the images are busted

Funny how the Wii has an Hd resolution setting but it won’t allow you to use it because it’s constantly greyed out.

Do you have an HDTV? >.>

AND the component cables?

Have an HDTV, but I didn’t know the wii had HD component cables.


Well, yeah. That’s how you use HD. With HD component cables. There really isn’t any other way. Except maybe splitting a normal video component cable, but I doubt that it would work without setting something on fire.

But you will only get 480p. And 480p is NOT HDTV (High Definition TeleVision).
It’s called EDTV (Enhanced Definition TeleVision)

HDTV is 1280x720px and 1920x1080px.
EDTV is 640x480px (4:3), 720x480 (16:9), 704x576px (4:3) and 720x576px (16:9).

And you can’t get a progressive signal with a SCART-cable. It’s not like component cables are something new. They’ve been around since the fifties.

And HDTV is old too. NHK have had HDTV’s since the seventies.

The stuff is much older than you and still you know nothing about it.

No it will get you HD graphics if you have the componet cables, but they are a pain to find.

Only time will reveal that mystery ship’s piloit. Mabye they are coming out with a new 3 series of metroid games, but I don’t know.

It’s probably impossible to find out who’s in the ship. It’s just another lame cliffhanger which tops Halo 2 in terms of a '…" response after beating. At least in Halo 2 you had a general idea as to what the next game was going to be about. This game leaves no clues or anything. Just a totally random ship it mentions nowhere in the game follows Samus… I’m betting it’s probably just a thing saying that more games might follow with Prime or it’s just hinting toward toward a new Metroid title. If there was anything in this game related to the ship we would have found it already.

One of the hidden message, has said that they are working one a new Metroid Title, you can find this at Metroid Database. We might find out next year if a new Metroid Title is coming to the Wii or DS, I hoping for the Wii; because the Wii needs a Metroid Muti-player Game for it.

possibly the Delano 8

you never know with them

but yeah, there is absolutely zero evidence saying it is sylux or otherwise

The scan about Metroid Project Dread? That’s either a coincidence or a joke, according to an interview at IGN. Unless you mean something else.

Daz, do you remember during the first of the Game where you have to put that code in the get pass those Galatic Fed Figther ships?(well you may) Here’s the codes and information about that Metroid Database- Metroid Prime 3 Secret Messages.

Thats the link, and no more explaination.