Metroid Prime 3 Oddity

I think we had this discussion in another thread, but whatever. Some news should come up at E3 this year, but nothing is promised.

I see it as there just picking up the pieces. Hunter is the next game in the series after corruption so Nintendo’s just showing that. Also the small differences make no difference. the general shape is there.

Hunters takes place after Prime >_>

Really? where does it say that?

I don’t remmber, but I know it’s official :slight_smile:

Retro said it. The line was something like this:
“Hunters is a side mission set between Prime and Prime 2 [This was before Echoes was launched/named] that introduces other hunters.”

They also used this to tie up designs (Same ship from Prime, same suit from Echoes)

And also, I was in the middle of gameplay the other day and I noticed two things.
One, the thing in the pic that we couldn’t figure out is Steam Lord.
Two, that is a pic of Aurora Unit 313. And everyone knows theres a problem there >_>

I think that they maybe coming out with Metroid Prime Hunters 2 for the Wii. I don’t know, but it will kick ass 4 on 4 or 6 vs 6. Also a better story line too.

Does you has any proofs?

i think its just a hunch ;]

Not yet, but the ship at the end of Corruption maybe a new bounty hunter. As of right now you I don’t know and no prof what so ever. Only Rumors about MPH 2