Metroid Prime 3:Reborn

WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! I have fatih in this team and believe they can make any remake, well expect for games THAT AREN’T OUT YET. A MP2 2D project would be much more difficult, but I believe if they wanted to they could do it.

I do see what you are saying though Dark Samus. It would quite time-consuming and this team is the only group who could do it.


You know, in the trailer of MP3 you see Samus landning on a planet almost coverd of phazon, is Zebes coverd with phazon? No!

You know, I get the distinct feeling that Metroid: Third Derivative (A sub-comic on bob and george) wasn’t too far off from the plot of Metroid Prime 3… I mean, logically, the next thing that Samus would go after is the source of the Phazon meteors… and with the deadly properties of Phazon, it could very well be that a planet/planetoid is pumping out the stuff. I bet Reynard (The author of Metroid: Third Derivative) would have some smirk on his face if they do have Samus go to a Phazon planet…

Anyway, back on topic. I can’t beleive you got fooled by this either… the game hasn’t been in production long enough for them to give it a sub-title. All we know is that they’re making it, nothing more. Trust Nintendo’s website next time, not some out-of-the-way fansite.

Any thing that he see that has info on the game he think its real, He drive me nut at school. :angry:

I have an idea for the next metroid prime
they should add melee combat

samus gets an upgrade where she gets a sort of lightsaber attached to her arm cannon
what do you think about my idea ?

Yeah, she could get it from a shadow pirate!

Now prime 3 is called Metroid Prime Corruption.The system is wii(revolution).I saw a video you can grapple on doors and pull it out :smiling_imp:

That’s nice. This topic was also dead for almost a year, and we already have a topic for Corruption.