Metroid Prime Breakthrough…?thread_id=1216
Metroid Prime is now 100% playable on emulators.

I just thought that many people would find this interesting.

And before this happens, this will not be a ROM request thread. We will only talk about emulation. If you want a ROM,

(or rip it yourself ;D)

i hope to find a way to make the emulation work when its using the directx plugin instead of the opengl
that way you can use the 3D ripper DX

halp xD

My computer would PEE itself just TRYING to run that…

idk, if mine can do it
yours might be able to

with only a 1.83 in it? only 128 VRAM dude. Also, only 2 GB of ram. That only holds the whole game.

Well if you have a dual, like you said, then you have a better processor than CMC. Your GPU is about the same, and I’ve only got 2Gb of RAM, so that doesn’t matter.

my FPS is crap
(like 8-12)

Mine aren’t much better (10-22)

meh, i use a weird thing that feeds my gamecube’s lazer information so i can put like 20 games give or take on this 40 GB HDD and just use my gamecube to play

I’d like to update this. Running 32-bit I get 20fps or less, but now that I have 64, I got the 64 bit version, and get around 50! :smiley:

Reason for this: Consoles are 128 bit, so a 64-bit CPU only has to do twice as much work, whereas a 32 bit has to do 4 times as much.

I got a 64 and I still only get around 6fps.
It’s an older computer anyway, I’m not too worried.

Once I get that PC CMC helped me get the parts for, I should do ok on it. We’re getting Fios. They called our house. :smiley:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD :metroid:

Stop that. It slows down loading and takes up unecessary space.

It doesn’t actually slow down loading on any modern browser, since they only load the image once.

But it is annoying as dongs :E


Just remember last time me and PY did a joke. >_>

that was 072 not Dazzy

yeah dazzy’s cool… i hope xD

Okay, so I was wrong about the loading, but it still takes up unnecessary space and DOES slow down scrolling (at least on my relic of a computer).

Also, Pomegranate, fuck off. <3

it was slugging me, too