Metroid Prime Hunters

First of all, wich hunter is the cheapest?

  • Samus
  • Kanden
  • Spire
  • Trace
  • Noxus
  • Sylux
  • Weavel

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I recently bought hunters (i know, im always late on things) and i got pretty bored with the wifi battles against strangers. i like communication when i play games. i thought this could be a good topic for organizing battles between members (including myself).

in fact, i would like to organize one now! if anyone is interested just post your friend code. if you live in a different time zone you might need to figure out what time it is where i live, same goes for me. currently, i am posting this at 9:47 am in quebec (canada)

here is my friend code: 2707 0429 3275

edit: for future reference, members should use this site for organizing battles:

ps: this topic should be stickied as the official MPH Battle Organizer

How many stars do you have? Can you beat three hard bots or a three-starred wi-fi player? I’m not that good (can beat 2 three-star bots and one 2 star player online). Excellent idea, anyway. I don’t understand how you can chat while playing, but that doesn’t matter. So according to my calculations, if I play now, it’s going to be 5:47 p.m.

well, i can beat 5 stars and sniper whores withought too much difficulty. if we play today then we should probably play at around my 12:00 pm (noon). i dont know where you live so you will have to calculate that. when playing with friends, you can chat between battles voice and text.i prefer voice because it still feels like im fighting a computer. there isn’t much personality behind text. oh yeah, im a 2 star and im posting this at 10:03 am.

edit: i guess ill put it off till 3:00 pm my time.
here is a helpful site: my area is eastern canada.

EASY: -6hrs for my time.

i need your friend code

the alt-form cheapest is definatly weavel (wait that’s the pirate half turret guy right?)

I used to have this game but lost it at my cousins. Didnt really like it too much anyway. Still online was fun when everyone wasnt sniping.

Wevel. with its split body cannon thing…even more in combat hall

Trace, becuase I’m crap and need to be cheap, or Noxus if I’m playing with people ~my skill level.
Also, one day off a bump!