Metroid Prime: Phazon Apocalypse

Metroid Prime: Phazon Apocalypse
(possibly a working title)

2018 EDIT: Click here for the final “pack of goodies” from 2007.

Note: Troid92’s Model Creator is also located in this topic/post.

Engine 3.01 beta screenshots

Model creator 1.02 screenshots:

Engine 2.00 beta screenshots:

Current downloads:

November 6, 2005:
Model Creator 1.02:
Click here
A few new features, including saving into GML code, plus it saves in a much smaller .troid format that doesn’t mess with the colors. And it comes with a ghost robot thing I made. Be sure to check out the new guide at the bottom of this post.

November 4, 2005:
Model Creator 1.01:
Click here
Plenty of extra/improved features.

November 2, 2005:
Model Creator:
A simple model creator for you to mess around with. Press F-1 for the controls.

October 29, 2005:
Engine test 3.00:
Click here
I’m going to use this great engine I’ve made to create a real demo soon.

July 14, 2005:
Engine test 2.00
Click here
The controls are in the game info. Just press F1. Edit: Oops. I forgot morphball in the controls. Press ‘M’.
Edit: I’d reccomend right-clicking and choosing “save as…”

Engine test 1.00:
Click here
Don’t get this one if you’re looking for anything better than bad. I made it in all of about two days.


Q: What is Metroid Prime: Phazon Apocalypse?
A: A 3-D Metroid fangame I am making.

Q: What program are you using?
A: I am using Game Maker to make this game.

Q: Will I need GM to run this?
A: No.

Q: Can I help with this fangame?
A: Yes. Details are below.

Q: What’s the story?
A: I shall post that soon… I just don’t want to give too much away too early.

Q: I can’t do anything in your model creator. What’s wrong?
A: Check out the new guide at the bottom of this post.

Q: Sometimes I make a triangle and it doesn’t appear, but I can still select it. What’s wrong?
A: I have backface culling on, meaning that you can only see a triangle from one side. Select the triangle and press “I” on your keyboard to “invert” the triangle, so you see it from the other side. Be sure to check out the new guide at the bottom of this post.

Q: How do I make my triangles appear on both sides?
A: Make two triangles in the same spot, facing opposite directions.

Q: How do I add textures onto my models?
A: You can’t. You’ll have to send me the textures you want to use with the model, and I’ll manually add them in. Trust me, it saves a lot of trouble.

Q: None of your games work for me. What’s wrong?
A: Here are some possible problems:
You do not have the newest version of DirectX
You can’t open/unzip a .zip file for some reason
You are on a Macintosh, and you will need a PC emulator to run this file

Q: Is this fangame dead?
A: Of course not. I will post if it ever dies. Even so, I highly doubt this will ever die. I just sometimes don’t post progress for a very long time.

Q: What file format are the songs going to be in?

Q: Why are you using MIDIs? MIDIs suck.
A: Perhaps you need a new MIDI synth table on your computer. Yours may be old or just very bad.

Job information:

Model Creator - Your job is to create the 3-D models for my game. Be sure to use a model-making program designed specifically for Game Maker, preferably my own. If your model is too lacking without textures, be sure to use a previously-made texture or contact a texture-creator. Use as little polygons as possible, please, or I will not accept it. When you are completed, send me the 3-D model (in .troid format, or just the GML code) along with any textures to go with it (and you might want to say where the textures should be used on the model). To sign up for this job, you must post a decent model that you’ve made, not necessarily for the game.

Texture Creator - Your job is to create the textures for the 3-D models. You’ll have to communicate with the model creators to see what you need to create. The size of your textures has to be a power of 2, and try to keep them as small as possible. They must also loop well. To sign up for this job, you must post a detailed texture that you have made.

Brainstormer - Your job is to solve problems, find glitches, make suggestions, think of items/enemies, etc. and then post about them in this topic. Not all of that is required, obviously. To sign up for this job, you have to first do at least one of the things I just mentioned, and make it good. I’m going to need all the help I can get with the ideas for this game (other than the story, but if you have improvements to that, it would be appreciated. Wait until I actually post the story, though)

Music creator - Actually, I plan to make all the music for this fangame. I may change my mind about this if I get too busy.

Please read the descriptions well. If you think you are qualified for the job and will put your best effort into it, go ahead and make something to post. But please keep in mind that you should practice whatever it is you want to sign up for first, because I set my standards high. But please do not let this frighten you! I need all the help I can get!

Troid92’s Model Creator Guide:

This guide assumes you know how to access the list of controls (F1) and can figure out which buttons do what by yourself.

The first things you should get used to are looking and moving. Looking is pretty easy to use, but moving is really difficult to get the hang of. You won’t have too much of a problem moving along the z axis because of the camera, but the x and y are easy to lose track of. I always just try one or the other first, and if I’m wrong, I just go back one and use the other, doing the same with direction. Just practice a little and you’ll get the hang of it.

Next you should learn how to place a point. It’s quite simple–Just click. Move to another area, and click again. You’ll place another point. Upon placing a third point, you may notice a triangle appear to connect them all, or you may see the points disappear or change colors. There are reasons for these things happening. Read on.

Objects use “backface culling” in this program, meaning they are only displayed on one side. On the other, they are invisible. If you’ve ever entered a secret world in a videogame, you’ve probably noticed that you can see in from the outside–This is why. If you don’t see a triangle appear, just look at it from the other side. If the points changed to blue, it means you have selections on. When selections are on, you can scroll through different objects you’ve made and do things with them, like deleting. If selections are on and you create a new object, the new object will automatically be selected. If you don’t see any points around your triangle, you don’t have selections on.

There are also a few things like changing colors, erasing points that don’t make an object yet, reversing the direction a triangle faces, saving your models, and changing to preset shapes like ellipsoids. These can come in useful, so be sure to know that they exist and how to use them. When saving, be sure to save as the .troid format first, because the program can’t load GML. Then when you want to test it out in your game, export it as GML. You should have the newest version of the model maker, because it fixes a lot of saving issues.

That’s all you really need to know. There are tons of customization options on the F1 menu… But now that you know the basics, you can make any models you want. Have fun, and don’t complain about how it uses triangles for the most part, because that’s really getting annoying.


I whant to help with this game, can I?
I can help with wall and ground textures and i can do even more.

It’s a good start. If you need some help making textures or skylines (with abstract graphic effects) I can do some photoshopping for you. I doubt you’d want music because you seem to have that down.

Ill help with textures.

Im stull a noob in modelling but you could teach me? :wink:

I havent practiced in a lot of time >_<

It looks like this game will have succes :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I think you should add a storylline to it… it will make it even more unique…

EDIT2: what if you ask Virt for his awesome remixes of all super metroid tracks in the file: crystal flash.

Yeah, I’m going to need all the help I can get. When I made those sprites and textures, all I did was use gm to add random lines and blur the image. :blush:

The demo you are playing is old right now… I’ve already improved some things, added all the weapons, and made the game to the dead mother brain room… I would just use the SM cloudy sky if I could figure out how to add skyboxes to gm. But if you guys would make the textures for me, then go ahead. I’m not that great of a graphics person. I’m also not that great of a GML person. GML has too many preset variables and commands… And if any of you have registered Game Maker 6, here’s the game file:
Smp3d gm6 game file
If you know how to add skyboxes and fix my bullet collision problems and stuff, go ahead and add them, then give me the coding or something. The game file is currently the newest version of my game. (but it won’t be in five minutes)

Oh btw my account’s data transfer keeps getting exceeded so you’ll have to wait an hour to download my game if you ever see that happen :sweat: (you’ll be able to tell by if my sig, av, and the snapshots for the game load). And it’s the beginning of the month so it will do this every time I upload something for the entire month (I think). :imp: I should’ve uploaded everything a few days ago… Sometimes geocities really annoys me.

And slothien, I’m not using models in this game. To make a model for a gm game, you have to actually make it in Game Maker 6… so I’ll just be using 2-d images that always face the player… like those rocks. Yeah, it’s bad, but if you play games like doom it seems pretty normal.

Oh understood… but thise kindof things will have animations or an animation like spriting gotta be made?

EDIT: and could you pm me all the skins youve made for the game? )the door, the rocks, the walls, the ceiling, the floors… all!)

Awesome concept, I anxiously await its completion.

But I must recommend against using Thardus, he’s a Phazon entity so you’d need to add a lot to the story simply for one boss…

Or you could make a boss similar to thardus… but not him… one without phazon.

Something like a granite golem (which goes against terms of science… uhh).
Just ideas.


Holy crap, this game looks awesome. I await it’s completion. Will I have to have Game Maker to play this?

Oh, and will you add the intro of Ceres station?

When the game is an executable (exe) it does not need Game Maker to run. And I’m not sure if I will add the Ceres station… I still need to think of the game’s story.

I know I’m going to include phazon in this game… Thardus was just a possibility for a boss that came to mind as I was typing, but I could use any other boss, like a powerful form of a Metroid, Elite Pirates, Chozo Ghosts, the Omega Pirate, the Emperor Ing, or any other phazon creatures I forgot. I think I’ll just add all the memorable moments from every metroid game into this one and think of a story to tie everything together.

…is anyone here really good at making stories? :laughing:

Edit: Should Tallon IV, Zebes, and SR388 collide or something? Or should I make an entirely new planet with Tallon IV, Zebes, and SR388 areas and creatures on it?

Im the man you need THEN!:smiley:

I wanted to do a metroid prime 3 a while back but then I switched to help daz on some secret project :>_>:

Ive got the story all written up and I will pm it to you right now!

BTW it includes phazon :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll help with writing the story! I love doing that kind of thing! Is an aspiring novelist after all

I would love to help with spriting!
This game looks vary prommissing!
PM me what you need done!

would it be possible to convert the updated game to an .exe file since game maker 6 wont run it without the registered version installed (atleast it wont for me)

I would like to help with textures, enemies, and music.
Can i help?

Wow… I never thought I’d have people begging to help me…

DaHaK, you don’t need the exe file of the newest version. It’s not much different… Plus I didn’t spend much time on the new weapon graphics. The missiles and super missiles look like floating smoke clouds. So just stick with the old version until I make bigger improvements. Or you could register GM6. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I’m really busy right now and have to get offline. (I have a modem, if you don’t know already)

I’ll start organizing some lists of things I need worked on for the next time I’m on.


are yoo looking for a gun like that? You can use it and/or edit it if you want to use it.
heres what it might look like in the game!

Well, it’s safe to assume that it needs way more detail, but other than that, it’s pretty cool.

Ya, I know but its just a beta. :slight_smile: I’ll work on it a bit!

I have a good feeling this is going to be an excelant fangame. :smiley: (I probably spelled excelant wrong didn’t I)