Metroid Prime: Phazon Apocalypse

You are all going to be blown away by the next demo. It probably won’t be out for a few more weeks, but it’ll be worth the wait. It’s still going to be made in GM. I made that first demo when I had little experience with Game Maker. Now I understand how GM works, including GM in 3-D, and I’ve started redoing this game. All the objects are 3-D now, and now you control with the mouse and the WASD keys. There is also jumping! Soon I’ll add enemies and fix up the glitchy targeting. (Yes, I might have targeting if I can get it to work)

Since all the objects are 3-D, so is the gun, so I won’t be needing any gun sprite. Sorry, Zachtroid…

Even with all these improvements, I’m still going to need some help. GM is terrible for drawing 3-D objects. It doesn’t use normal 3-D image files, so it’s limited to trial-and-error script entering. I found a program that can draw 3-D images and give the GM6 coding, but it’s difficult to use and still in beta form. So I’m going to need some skilled people to somehow make the objects I need since I still have to work on the engine. I’m also going to need textures for some of the objects, but that’s not asking for much.

Oh, and here’s a snapshot of the newest version:

Yeah, the gun is lacking a texture… Don’t mind the polygons. In the game you can change the amount of points on each object with the arrow keys. My computer can’t handle much more than the default before it starts slowing down. The little green thing in the upper-left shows the FPS. The max it can go is 64, which is very smooth. The original demo has 30 FPS, and you can probably tell.

Looks very very nice! Just as long as the bullets aren’t shadowed in the final version, this’ll be a lot of fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

I could help you with programing… :unamused: I’m pretty good at GM6. And I have a registered version :wink:

The models need a little work though. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I ever need help with the programming (which will probably happen when I make the morph ball and other upgrades soon) I’ll ask you. But I don’t need much help with that at the moment. For now, you can be a model designer. I need a better samus ship (with width 128, length 128, and height 50). Try to make it similar to Prime’s, use a maximum of three textures, and make sure you make it in GM, or a 3-D graphics design program made for GM. When it’s finished, send me the GM coding, and maybe post a snapshot so other people can see it. Don’t make too many points on the ship (I’m guessing you should use about 100 maximum). I don’t expect this to be done soon, since I know how annoying GM is to draw in 3-D. And this is a very hard assignment, so I can give you something easier if you want.

As for textures, I’m going to need:
the ground (size: 64x64 or 128x128)
the rocks (size: 32x32)
the gun (the middle of the texture will be the top of the gun) (size: 128x128 or 256x256)
the bullets (size: 32x32 or 64x64)
and any that mp2:e needs for models.

Anyone can jump in and start making these textures any time…

You might have well just asked for anything graphically related.

I would love to help, but I don’t have Gamemaker and am not very experienced in 3D.

I just noticed that GM 6.1 is out (I’m using 6.0) and it has new functions that will help me out. One of them is the ability to run and store 3-D model files for 3-D mode. This might solve many problems for this game. There is also a RGB value color system so I will no longer need an entire texture to make the color orange. (it allows some basic colors right now, but that doesn’t help much.) I’ll go experiment with 3-D models in GM now… If they’re really easy to make, that’ll help out a lot.

I have registered GM6.1! :mrgreen:

What’s so good about registering?

Whats that thing in the corner,the varia modification?

That’s Frames Per Second, or FPS.

Alright. I finally edited the first post of this topic. It has the progress of the next demo. (67.38 overall) So go look there. This game has improved so much in the past few days. (Yay! No school! :smiley: )

The model thing in GM 6.1 will somewhat help, but it still requires a lot of coding, and for some reason I can’t get it to work. Only non-moving objects can use the model coding. Currently that means… the rocks and the ground. I doubt that will help much, even if I do figure out how to use models. At least the new RGB color system helps a lot.

Not bad for having done it from scratch.

woah. 3D metroid fangame! w00t! I’m definately registering my GM copy now!
…and the game looks great!

Two new screenshots on the first page.

I spent some time changing the environment. It has switched from night to a cloudy day. There is now a very undetailed, gradient-filled sky dome and also some poorly-made, blurred grass. I have also been improving the speed of the game. With all the rocks and some parts of the ship as models, the game can run much faster. I also changed the resolution (which helps a lot) and turned culling on for all objects exept the sky. The camera angles in the intro are improved, too. I’m sure you don’t know what I’m talking about since you haven’t played any bit of the new version… But meh. It’s just some news to show that I’m still working on this.

I think I’m going to be focussing on things other than flying Samus’s ship for now. Though it would be extremely cool, I have more important things to work on, like weapons and enemies. And since it’s been a long time, I’m thinking about posting what I have so far for some feedback. Not now, though. Some other day.

Just make a better ship model and it’ll be great. Looks good.

Looks like awesomeness. keep up teh good work!

Another new screenshot on the first page. I just spent all day today fixing the MB boost trail (it used to be a line of circles) and now it looks great. I’ll be posting the demo in a few days.

the demo is not bad accept there is no enemies and u can’t turn into a morhpball any way what programm are u using???I might help u with modeling